March 4, 2008

and Ive been tagged......

Yeahhh Im published again!!!!
Here is my ' I am Woman' Artist Trading Card set that I made for Australian Paper craft magazine -the instructions are featured in their latest issue which came out last week.
I hope you like them!!

The lovely Nancy tagged me to list some things about me....Ive done this a few running out of things to say ....haha...

* One of my favourite TV shows is 'ReLocation ReLocation' and 'Escape to the country' - both British real estate shows... imagine how wonderful it would be to live in a sweet thatched roof cottage in a quiet little village - the one in Milly Molly Mandy books would be perfect!

* My favourite vegetable is the Eggplant - great taste & Colour!

*I love Doris Day films - the bubbly, kooky characters she plays always make me smile!

*They cities Id really really love to visit one day are Tokyo, Buenos Aires and Prague

* When we first got married my husband bought me a pearl ring which I then lost - I searched the house for months and months but it was nowhere to be I stubbled on a antique pearl ring on EBay - the day after it arrived in the mail I found my other ring - weird or what??? I have two pearl rings!

*The past week I've been asking myself why did I have to go and get teeth braces.... I'm in agony ( be strong girl... be strong) Im not as happy or excited as I was a few posts ago!!!
have a Fun day everyone!!!


  1. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Must go and hunt this magazine down and take a look! Well done, you!

  2. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Congratulations! Would love to see the article - are you able tp link to it?

  3. Congratulations, Anastasia! Your work looks wonderful - now how does one get a copy of that magazine in France

  4. LOVE YOUR WORK!! Congratulations on getting your work published...
    I am very proud of you...
    It's simple and easy on the eye...Love it !! :-)
    Can't wait to read the article...

  5. Congratulations! The ATCs are fantastic - love the black and white combinations!

  6. CONGRATS on being published...what a thrill...I am about to submit three pieces to a magazine....I'm keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed. Thanks for taking part in the tag....great to find out more about you. I love Doris Day movies favs are "The Thrill of it All" and "Move Over Darling"...I love the chemistry between her and James Garner. Thanks for the cheers re: my new shop !!

  7. Congrats on being published! They look beautiful as well. I must look for the magazine.

    Plus love your inspiration board from the other post. Very inspiring =)

  8. Congratulations!!! The cards are so cute and clever.

  9. Look at you! Well done Anastasia.
    too bad I wont be able to read the article but I'm sure it is very interested. x Laurence

  10. congratulations!! it must be such a rush to see your work in print like that :)

  11. Congratulations! Looks like a wonderful piece! I'm very happy for you!


  12. Well done, congratulations on the feature! The ATC's look wonderful!

  13. I just discovered you blog and i am already a huge fan, congrats on your success, you obviously deserve it :D

  14. Anonymous1:59 AM

    Your feature in the magazine looks fab, congrats again! Loving your list of things, I can watch real estate/home decoration shows all day (the ones you mentioned are among my favs).

  15. Congrats! You are my claim to fame!

  16. Congrats!!!!Well if anyone deserves it it is YOU!xoxo

  17. Congrats Anastasia thats OUTSTANDING! What a wonderful achievement. Those cards look Gorgeous too. You are truly talented at what you do.

    Anna :)

  18. thank you all SO much for your lovely comments - they are so encouraging and mean so much!!!
    i dont have a weblink to the instructions...i guess i can scan it but not sure if it will be readable?

  19. Congratulations Anastasia, your art is divine and loving the article title too! Kris x

  20. Congrats! Saw this issue in the newsagent's last week. Your cards look great :-)


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