March 8, 2008

Beautiful Mail....
one thing i love coming home to is Mail...not the flat small envelope kind, thats sure to be a bill or statement for something boring....but the type that gets your heart pumping as you open quickly!

Last week I got a great parcel from Laurence, my blogging friend in Santa Monica...we arranged to do a swap ages ago and we finally got round to it haha....i got some great things!
Beautiful fabrics, a darling vintage book, 'Ready Made' magazine and some craft goodies!!
Thanks Laurence - everything is fantastic!

Another wonderful thing that arrived last week is this amazing amazing illustration that Flossy-P painted just for me!!
She had a giveaway on her blog and I won!!!
how lucky am I??!!!
anyway she said I can choose anything for her to draw and so I decided something for the boys room would be great - I told her i liked muted colours and that my boys love animals and adventures.
Look at what she came up with!!
isnt it fantastic?!!

and we all love tea too so the tea cup ship is just too cute!!!
its getting framed so once I have it up on the wall I'll have to show you all again!
Flossy-P also has an etsy store so check it out here!!


  1. That illustration is perfect. You are so lucky!

  2. I saw this on her blog last week I think. It is absolutely gorgeous. I am quite jealous. What a treat.

  3. yes its gorgeous!!! its wonderful to have a flossy-P original!

  4. Great parcel, also what a fantastic giveaway? A beautiful and perfect painting.

  5. i enjoy reading your work, Stavros..:)

  6. I love Flossy P. My first etsy purchases were 3 of her prints. That illustration is amazing!


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