March 9, 2008

This is....the view from my front door....
just the neighbour's fence - its much nicer when their bougainvillea is in bloom...such a pretty pink!
and my little Neo is waiting for you all - come inside!! I'll put the kettle on!

This here is my laundry door - and the view into the garden!

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*Just had to show you what I pre-ordered today!!
Tessa Kiros has a new cookbook! 'Piri Piri Starfish' (what a cute name and gorgeous cover) ....inspired by Portugese cooking!! cant wait to get it!!


  1. Oh my Anastasia I love your home!!!!!it looks so warm and I felt really welcome thank you!!Wish I could pop in for a coffee!I love the name Neo,how did you come up with it?love it just love it.Thank you for sharing that!PS I still have to do my front few but it is raining right now!hugs Dees

  2. what a beautiful home! thank you for the invite, i would love to sit and have tea with you someday.
    thank you for the tip, i LOVE tessa kiros too!
    i will see you tomorrow with some inspiration!

  3. Your garden is so green. I love it. I also really like the green door. Very neat.
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Your little Neo is so cute and it looks like you are having much warmer weather than we are here.

    Congratulations on your published cards. It's so fullfilling to see one's work published.

    Have a great Monday!

  5. Another brick walk. ;-) It looks lovely and inviting (tidy too...). I'll raise a cuppa to you, and I'll be anxious to hear about the cookbook. Such an enticing name, and I just got back from Portugal where the piri piri was a tame sister to the piri piri in East Africa. ;-)

  6. Oh Neo I would love to come in for a little visit - I'll bring some cake.
    I love the green door especially.

  7. Your garden looks gorgeous. I love the ball-y hedge!

    Thanks for your comment: Yes, I DO miss Sydney (we're coming back on Wednesday for a week!!!!). I miss lots and lots of things about it. I miss the buzz, I miss the fact you can get food at any hour of day or night, I miss multiculture, I miss asian food, I miss the Portuguese food in Petersham, I miss being able to walking to nearby suburbs, I miss grafiti murals, I miss unusual shops, and good book shops like Pentimento on King St... and I could go on. But, all things said, I knew it would be a process, and there is stuff here that has started creeping into me, and that I'm starting to enjoy. Plus living somewhere so amazingly pretty really does help :)

    p.s. Thanks for the plug in your last post :)

  8. Your garden looks great - and little Neo - what a smile! Love the bright red shoes!

  9. Lovely garden and house. Your little Neo is so cute. My best friend has a son Neo, too! Amazing. I am bookmarking your blog, it looks like a lot of fun and inspiration.

  10. Anonymous1:19 PM

    You have a beautiful home, thanks for the house tour. Love the garden.

  11. Hey Dees...Neo is short for Neophytos which is my fathers name - so he is named after his grand-dad...its a Greek name!!
    Wow Little Snoring - Neo is quite rare...great to hear there is another little Neo running around! every one thinks we are Matrix fans haha


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