April 15, 2008

Day Two....

so today is day two of Term 1 School holidays ( and a week off work for me) and boy, my sons are testing my patience....ive been trying to keep them entertained all day otherwise its just crazy chaos - is it like this at your house or just mine??? fighting over toys, whining, drawing on tables Ughh!! help!! cant they just play quietly wahhhhh!!

I also got my braces tightened today and my teeth are so sore my head feels like its going to explode....so I decided to prepare some Lachmajou for tonights dinner ...i had 3 recipes for this - Rick Stein's
,Tessa Kiros' from 'Falling Cloudberries' and Nigella's from her 'Domestic Goddess' cook book - so I got a bit from each - Peter helped mix the dough whilst Neo had a nap....Zzzz i need one too!

my new Tessa Kiros book Piri Piri Starfish arrived yesterday - its gorgeous and I cant wait to start cooking from it!
Tommorow is another day...

* Two cute vintage tea cups I thrifted last week at Rozelle Markets and my new Tessa Kiros cookbook
* Lachmajou picture from Falling Cloudberries cookbook


  1. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Mmm...can I come for dinner?

  2. Ouch, braces tightening - I empathise. Ice cream always helped me... That food looks brilliant - can you please post the recipe? :-)

  3. hi Jess!
    if you click into 'Rick Stein' name on the post - the link to his recipe is there...they turned out really nice - I baked them just before we ate so they were nice and hot....sprinkle with lemon juice and a side salad and dinner was delish!!!

  4. It could be worse. I have teens home on school and uni hols and came home on day one and the uni students was lying in the same place on the couch I'd left her the day before with a night's sleep and a day at work since I'd seen her. Her first words were "when's dinner". Argggh. She's 19, my partner and I both worked and spent the weekend shopping, gardening, cleaning, washing etc, etc. She'd spent two solid days in front of the television - more actually, but I can only face recalling 48 hours at a time.

  5. Holidays here and 4 girls to amuse... and yes it's the same here, arguing, yelling be much giggling..
    I've been to padstow a few times and it seems to be all Rick Stein.. but it's beautiful..and the cornish pasties and scones are to die for xx

  6. your blog is great!

  7. Oh we have our moments here too. There are times I just want to race into the backyard with a paperbag to scream into!! I think it gets harder to tolerate when you are in pain. Hope your'e feeling better soon.

  8. Anonymous1:46 PM

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  9. Anonymous3:06 AM

    yes today i feel as you do.... the minute i sit down on the computer for a second, the kids are fighting over a toy that diego had first... and then complaining that isabella hit him... then he has to go to the bathroom... and then so does she.... the house stinks and their room is a mess... then the school bus calls to say they cant pick up diego and i vent to ramel over the phone... but what can he do?! sigh... i cant even take a rest because i have to mop and clean and work on art and blog... hmmmm, wonder what todays post will be about? [although it will be late to find out... hehe]... isabella turned one but acts two.... ah, kids are beautiful and challenging!!!

    hehe... rant-a-long...


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