April 13, 2008

This is...my dinner party guest list
a fun theme this week from Tanya at Lily and Agathe!

Nigella Lawson - she just seems warm and really down to earth...chatty too, someone you'd love to be friends with...oh and she'd come over early to help me out in the kitchen...
Helena Christensen - because I've been a huge fan for like ever!! and the girl loves food...and vintage goods so I'm sure we have a lot to talk about!
Johnny & Vanessa
such a cool couple and totally in love and maybe Vanessa can sing for us....and teach us how to say naughty words in French

Irène Némirovsky - i recently read her novel Suite Francaise
and couldn't stop thinking about the characters & what would have happened next if she had the chance to finish her book....of course she'd be curious to what's happened in the world since her death in Auschwitz concentration camp in 1942...sadly still more deaths from war ..sigh!....

Ralph Fiennes - because he is hot and very talented...and I'll forgive him for screwing that Qantas stewardess in the plane's toilet....Im sure he'll share the funny story with us

so whats on the menu you ask?
Greek Meze of course....and lots of ouzo shots and red wine....whenever we have friends over for dinner I end up cooking enough food to feed a small army but thats just the greek way I guess...

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  1. I love Helena Christensen, she is just gorgeous and I love a little greek food, yummo, what fun!

  2. What a cool guest list! I love Johnny Depp and Helena and Greek food Yum-what a great night!

  3. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Great list and I love the sound of your menu!

  4. Cool invite list - Johnny and Vanessa will be busy, they're coming to mine as well!!

  5. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Oh yes, I will be there with Johnny, me, Vanessa :))) But, Ralphy and I might go off for an hour or two... Hiccup, oops, too much ouzo... xoxox

  6. Ohhh not sure about Ralph but Johnny & Vanessa too cool, yes and I could speak french xx

  7. Hmmm...I'd keep an eye on Nigella and Ralph. He might just be offering to help her a little tooo much.

    Wonder if she'll lick her spoon at the table?!?!? and as she's married to a Greek now, you might just let her do all the cooking. ;-)

  8. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Fantastic, I too think the first three on the guest list would be fun! Love this theme...

  9. ohhh, i want to be at this dinner party :) nigella would definitely be on my list too!

  10. Helena Christensen would be an excellent guest! And lovely food!!

  11. Anonymous4:47 PM

    May I come to your party. I think Johhny and Vanessa would be a fascinating couple to chat too. And of course Nigella, how perfect. thankyou for sharing

  12. Great!!!!!List!!!!!!Johnny and Vanessa wow...and that writer I am going to look into it.thanks so much!hugs Dees
    PS Nigella is wonderfull too,I love her!

  13. I read Suite Francais a few weeks ago and it is a fabulous book, but the reality of what happened to the author is awful.

  14. Nigella! Why didn't I think of her. Oh that's right, because I was too excited about Johnny coming to my place for dinner. Mind you.. I didn't invite Vanessa... I wanted him all to myself ;)

  15. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Awesome list, a girl from my own heart ! Ahh Johnny ! :) <3


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