April 24, 2008

The Most Spectacular View of Paris.....!!!!! Promise!

No image today but I have a link you're going to love.....i first saw this on Alicia's blog a couple of years ago when I first started lurking - such a stunning panoramic view of Paris!!!
Click HERE
and then use your arrow to scroll across.....Enjoy! (...oh it has music too so just a warning - dont want to scare you....or does that happen to me only?)

Pleased to say Gracie, Maureen and Cathy
are playing along in my Pay It Forward giveaway!!! Yeahhh!! so will be sending off my parcels soon-ish...and look out for their post so you can join in too!


  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Wow! That is an amazing photo!

    Oh, and no, you're not the only one who gets scared by music on blogs or sites. It always makes me jump and then I dash to try to find where it's coming from and how to stop it.

    Thanks for comments on my blogs! Yep, I love the wash balls and stopped using softener because I was worried about the damage they were doing to my clothes (especially the blacks).

    Melanie (having trouble with Blogger and it won't let me sign in to make this comment...)

  2. I wandered over from MamaMia.

    Firstly, thankyou so much for the music warning! Even though I knew it was comming I still jumped a little, so you can imagine my response with no warning! lol

    The photo is amazing! I've been learning french and would love to visit Paris someday, but the photo made me feel like I've seen more of it :-)

  3. Also, this is my fave French photo, have a look here http://www.allposters.com/-sp/Le-Baiser-de-l-Hotel-de-Ville-Paris-1950-Posters_i388678_.htm

    It's called 'Le Baiser de l'Hotel de Ville' and was taken by Robert Doisneau in 1950.
    My boyfriend got me a copy of it for our wall :-)

  4. I'm excited about my parcel. I will get organised to pass it on soon.

    Lovely Paris, that photo brings back memories.

  5. Wow Anastasia you weren't kidding!! That view of Paris was INCREDIBLE! I MUST pass the love.

    Anna :)

  6. Such an incredible shot! Completely loved it. Thanks for stopping by my site the other day--have a great weekend!


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