April 22, 2008

Week of French: Day Two

With Patisseries and a Boulangerie on every corner in Paris, whats a girl going to do but indulge?

France = Tourists...snow globe anyone?

the most iconic French label,
CHANEL...a girl can dream right?
Actually everything on the below fashion page totals $9000....now isnt that just ridiculous!?

* Top image from UK Easy Living mag
middle image from Australian Marie Claire photographed by
Sabine Villiard
bottom image from Australian Bazaar*

For more great French posts check out whose playing along at Pip's blog!


  1. oooh I love your photos. There is something magical about Paris, just the most evocative things bubble up. You have captured some of that with your images, if only I was a model wearing high heels sitting on a step in Paris... I can only dream

  2. Oh yes.. Paris.. I AM GOING TO GO TO PARIS! I am.. I really am! I'm gunna dunk a croissant and sidestep dog poop and try and look chic! Your photos are gorgeous.

  3. I love those red shoes with the lace tights. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. This is a great theme. I love those pictures that you chose. You must have an amazing collection.

    I want to go to Paris sooo much now! I'm definitely checking out the other blogs =)

  5. Parisian Pastries... ah, yummo! (Though I lived in baguettes and cheese for 4 days and only had a pastry once!)

  6. Anonymous7:29 PM

    The bottom image is especially wonderful, she looks like a doll.


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