May 6, 2008

May already!!!

I cant believe we're in May already - how fast is this year trucking along?
this is the May page from my 2008 calendar by brazilian illustrator FernandaGuedes
Pasta girl enjoying her meal ... who doesn't love pasta huh? but I'm avoiding all yeast and sugary foods right now so none for me for a few weeks...

I made some personal goals this year - one was to start an Etsy store but I haven't done much about that yet...I'm such a procrastinator and I do need to get more organised with my spare time especially now that Neo is at Preschool twice a week - no more hanging out in cafes for me!!

another goal was to draw more and after receiving 'The Age of Feminine Drawing' for Christmas, such a beautiful book that totally inspired me .... I started up a Flickr group ' A Fashionable Challenge'

it was to push myself to draw more and I've always loved fashion illustration... other members were keen to join in so each week I post a word or theme and who ever feels like it can participate are some of my illustrations from past challenges

tonight once the boys are in bed I'm going to make sure I take time out to draw something for Illustration Friday - its been 2 weeks since I've participated... its hard to get back into it sometimes but Ive got to stop making excuses!!
I hope to post something here by tommorow!


  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    a fashionable challenge is such a great idea!!! I would love to join in one day! Great illustrations!

  2. I love your illustrations...keep at it! Looking forward to your etsy shop. ;)

  3. It's sometimes hard to get going, but I think you're on to it. Sounds like you've had a moment to focus. Good for you.

  4. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Your fashion illustrations are fabulous, hope you get time to do more creative stuff (have confidence!)- looking forward to your etsy shop.

  5. Your illustrations are stunning. I will have to check out the flickr group too.

    How is your crochet scarf coming along by the way? You should post some pictures.

  6. your illustrations are FABULOUS!!! you need to start an etsy shop, i would heart you in a second! ♥ i too am a procrastinator, but one day i just jumped in and did it and it's been such an amazing would do so well there, good luck and i can't wait to see more :D

  7. your fashion illustrations are fantastic! such lovely work! xox


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