May 8, 2008

Show me your walls....

Marilyn of PulpSushi blog has a category 'Show me your walls'...this week she has featured my walls

so if you like
to see more of my walls & home....

you can also show off your walls and artwork - just drop her an email!!!


  1. Fantastic! I love the way you have laid out your artwork.

    Oh and your illustrations from the post before are lovely. I love fashion illustrations and photography.

  2. Lovely walls! I just found your blog via Pulp Sushi. Glad I did! When I have a chance I'm looking forward to reading all your previous posts. I love discovering Aussie bloggers :)

  3. OH your walls are so lovely.

  4. I just went and had a good snoop around Pulp Sushi too. What a great idea! (thanks for the link by the way :) I LOVE your clusters of art. I've always wanted clusters of art. The friends we stayed with in Adelaide last week have art and postcards all over their walls... everywhere! It felt so homely and exciting, and I came home with a mission to art-up my walls ALOT more. I have house renters guilt though... But seeing your walls now I'm even more inspired.

    p.s. thanks so much for your comment on my Curvy post. I actually got my copies from a dear friend who works in the book shop at the NSW Art Gallery, she brought them to me before they'd even hit the shelves! But in the past I have bought them from Pentimento on King St, and also Kinokunya (sp?) across from the QVB there upstairs. (How's that for some in-the-know- Sydney talk?!) ;)

  5. Hi Miss A!!! looove it!!! Oh, saw you on Decor8!!!! Wonderful!! oxoox

  6. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Your walls are very elegant, so much class like you :)


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