June 6, 2008

Sewing Girls (and boys) range....
a while ago I made some paper goods for the gorgeous website Lily and Agathe...they are now up on the site for sale - have a look!!
Tanya has sourced beautiful vintage inspired goodies for her online shop and a big thanks to Alison for the introduction!

Ive made some tags - perfect for all the ongoing childrens parties we all get invited to...this is how I present them....by using brown paper you can save on expensive wrapping paper t
his way too!
and some excercise books for both boys and girls....

i also made some mini journals for all the girly girl secrets and little notes....these are embellished with ribbons and ric rac bookmarks...i used a mix of pretty papers as you can see from the photo of their backs!

Soon I will be sending another consignment order down to Pip's at Meet Me at Mikes and if I get my act together I plan to open an etsy store too - the banner is up but no stock yet...baby steps huh?...


  1. It all looks fantastic. I'm so pleased it's going down to Meet Me At Mikes. A perfect place for it.

  2. Your paper treats are so deliciously sweet as always. It is no wonder everyone wants some.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Hurry up 'Percival Road Designs' Etsy shop!!

  4. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I love them all! So beautiful! I think your Etsy store is going to be a big hit!!!!

  5. absolutely gorgeous!! great work. Good luck with the etsy endeavour!

  6. Well done A, they look splendid! I promise I will send your extra pages back soon, really I will!

    Allison x

  7. I love these! What a great idea!! Your shop should do really well. :o)

  8. They are really fantastic and I'm sure plenty of people will want to buy them-good luck

  9. I love your work! Really so wonderful!

  10. I will have to take a special visit to Meet Me at Mikes and have a look. I love those tags - what a fantastic idea. You do great collage work. I really love it.

  11. Wonderful, I love the excercise books. Very beautiful

  12. Those are just so cute! Good luck with the etsy shop! :)

  13. These are beautiful! Your shop will do really well!

  14. These books and little cards are so great Anastasia! Can't wait to see you on etsy!
    (do you make your own journals or cover shop-bought ones? - I'd love to see more of these!)

  15. Finally a moment to catch up on my blog reading. I LOVE your mini journals...they're precious. I can't wait until your etsy shop opens--FUN!


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