June 8, 2008

This is ...my favourite travel memory...

this weeks topic by Hila is a good one but with so many wonderful travel memories over the years...how do you choose just one!?

for me its all about experiencing new things...new food, new destinations, seeking the history and just taking time out to observe the feel of a city or town, the architecture, getting lost in the back streets, talking to the locals ....sitting down with a good coffee or local drink and just people watching...I love doing that!
Photo 1 -a frappe and Calsburg please Cyprus (2006)
2. Lombard St, San Francisco (2000)
3. Ponte Alexandre III, Paris (2001)
4. Kolossi Castle - Limassol, Cyprus (1995)

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  1. I completely agree, sitting back in a cafe and absorbing the difference of a place is just magical. You should see how many back street architecture photo's I have from our travels... eeeek. I do love them though. I'd love to visit Cyprus! My dad spent time growing up there when he was a kid, his dad was in the army and was stationed there for a while...he has great stories.

  2. I agree, it's so nice to soak up the local atmosphere and just slow down for a bit. Such a great theme this week and lovely to share your memories. Thanks.

  3. It's so hard to choose just one isn't it! I've always wanted to head over to Cyprus, so much history..

  4. Ahhh, you have travelled to some gorgeous places. memories to treasure for ever :)

  5. those are some beautiful travel memories. i am longing for a nice trip out of the country sometime soon!! :) xox

  6. Some great photos. Like the other girls, I agree on your thoughts about what travel is about. There's nothing better than sitting in some local place, eating the local food, watching life go by.

  7. Gasp! Such beauty. Thank you for sharing. I wanna go! Can I go visit your grandparents?

  8. I love your photos, those memories look so sunny and relaxed. I wish I was there. What a fab bunch of places you have been.

  9. what wonderful trips you've taken....it would be hard to choose a favorite.

  10. These photos look so warm and inviting, it makes me want to step into them :)
    I'm a people watcher too! There's nothing like sitting with a drink and looking at an unknown space.

  11. Anonymous12:35 PM

    hi anastasia
    thank you so much for your blog-Girl I don't know where you find the time. I am hooked on your fashionable challenge and the rest of your site is AMAZING. keep 'um coming! and thought it was time I said HEY...

  12. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Hi Anastasia, been so long since i've had time to browse around my favourite blogs. Just been reading back a few of your blog entries, some beautiful things. Love those paper tags you did! Do you sell them in Australia anywhere? Just lovely. Hope to be back again soon. x

  13. What wonderful memories and great photos.

    We have been talking about going over there for a weekend, a great break from the desert.

  14. Anonymous9:44 PM

    GREAT SHOTS! Looks like you had a great time!Would love to make it to San Francisco one day!

  15. I love travel adventures involving getting lost in back streets! I bet Cyprus was amazing.


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