July 31, 2008

Elegant or just way too girly??

so I bought this sweet silver
bow necklace from Etsy a couple of week's ago and I was really excited when it arrived but whenever I wear it I feel really silly....i dont know what it is - Ive worn it with a simple scoop neck style top or dress so nothing over the top
but for some reason i just feel it doesn't look right...bows will always be one of those classic accessories that drift in and out of fashion (think Chanel, think Madonna in 'Despretely seeking Susan', think Valentino, Christian Lacroix....) maybe its just meant for girls named Alice that have adventures in Wonderland... what do you think?

we had glorious weather today so I washed all our bedsheets and towels...i love drying clothes in the sun and Im sick of leaving my household chores for Saturday...what a waste of a day! This weekend I plan to go Rozelle Flea Market...cant wait! Im also getting my parcels together for 'Pay it Forward' so hope to send those out next week too!

*Top necklace photo taken by me (background is Australian Country style mag)
* Australian Vogue
* Vintage Alice from google images


  1. Hi lady, thanks for wanting to take Suki as a houseguest! Could you email me at contactATismoyoDOTcom so we can arrange for her to be send to you? Thank you! And if you are willing to send her to London after her stay, we might have a place for her to go next also!

    About the bow necklace, i do think it's pretty, but even though i consider myself a very girly girl, i don't do bows too well either.

  2. I like bows. What is pay it forward?

  3. Isn't it funny when things just don't work, despite hoping. Give a little while, maybe it will work with a different outfit, or a different setting.

  4. Happy hunting at Rozelle. I hope to go down sometime soon too. The bow necklace. I do that all the time. Years ago I spent $120 (big for me) on a bloodstone beaded and pendant drop choker necklace. It looked good when I tried it on in front of the tiny mirror, but ever since I've felt guilty for spending the dough because I hardly wear it and can't seem to match it to anything. Same with a $100+ vest I bought to support new designers at a designer market. Can't make it work with anything. Anything? What about pairing it with some crystal beads or a couple of other pieces. Tuck it into wafting scarf. Cardigan? I find most of my necklaces work when I have a tee and cardi on.

  5. I think the necklace is cute. I understand though. I have a few items that I have purchased that just never worked once I got them. It's part of life I suppose. Give it a bit more time and then if it doesn't work pass it on to someone who will enjoy it.

    Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned. Enjoy. I'm excited to here you talking about your Pay It Forward packages!!! I'd better get working on mine too.

  6. I think it's very sweet - I wouldn't worry about looking silly wearing it. Bows are a classic piece :)

  7. I think it's gorgeous, and classic. If you feel a bit funny in it, why not wear a few other chains at the same time to defuse it's sweetness, just until you get used to wearing it on it's own... which you will ;)

    Hey :)
    I've tagged you. I hope I haven't tagged you with this same meme before, I seem to keep getting it. Anyway, hopefully you enjoy it.

  8. I miss going to Rozelle market.. have a good time.

    If you are girly then don't feel silly wearing the bow.
    Maybe the problem is you need to wear something a bit frilly and girly with it, instead of something plain?

  9. The bow is lovely-more elegant than girly I think-have fun at the market.

  10. I love the bow! I think its absolutely gorgeous. Wear it without worrying and you'll find it'll work its way into your wardrobe.


  11. Elegant - I love it. Perhaps with something subtle and soft like in your vogue picture, instead of black that would make it pop out more? I think it's very pretty : )

  12. I too have quite a few purchases that have ended up in the not quite right box. Hopefully you'll get some wear of it - it is cute!!!

  13. What pretty, pretty necklace! Love it -- not too girly in the least :)

  14. Anonymous3:32 AM

    A very pretty necklace, I agree with the others...wear it with something soft and frilly or lacey mostly white, would be gorgeous!

  15. I know what you mean about bows. They are lovely, but I never feel right in them. Bows and ruffles.

  16. hi anastasia,
    catching up here sweet lady! i missed you!
    the bow necklace... i wonder if it would be cute if you wore it with a more 'tough' outfit, big boots and such, to give it some contrast?

  17. Anonymous11:15 PM

    good one! i just brought lots of another emo backgrounds in my blog


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