July 8, 2008

A frosty day...
i had the day off today...home with my boys and a quick visit to my orthodontist this morning for a good tightening of my braces ...frick! it hurts!...im over the braces already-.how long to go? oh okay another 18months ....sigh!

Its been so cold lately, my eldest Peter has the sniffles again and i felt so sorry for him this morning having to drag him outdoors when I knew he just wanted to curl up stay home with his toys, cartoons and hot chocolate....we were home by lunch and both boys had a nice afternoon nap.

i made some yummy chicken soup for dinner and the boys were in bed early....they didnt complain though its freezing - they need rest, mum & dad need a rest too....
i was flicking through my copy of 'Real Living '
magazine this evening and was excited to see Emma Cassi's home featured....

Emma a creative stylist & jewelrey designer is represented by
Sarah Kaye and not too long ago I was happy to discover that she also has a blog

her home is wonderful ...i love the neutral shades and gorgeous natural light but its all the personal bits and pieces that make it warm and cosy!! lovely!

* Top image by Sarah Kaye
* Bottom two images from Real Living Magazine


  1. good day Anastasia,

    I have a little award for you on my blog.

    Sorry to hear the boys are under the weather...

    I feel your pain with the whole braces thing. I thought it made sense to straighten one crooked tooth with 6-9 months of braces (even though I already had them as a teen) and now I am hating every minute I have them....what was I thinking ????

  2. It seems so strange that are seasons are the opposite. It's soooo hot here. Have a great day!

  3. Anonymous4:22 AM

    Nothing like a good hot chocolate ;)

  4. Love the colors in that first picture!
    Hope your teeth feel better!

  5. ouch! hope your teeth feel better soon... and that those 18 months of braces fly by :)
    your evening sounds so wintry cozy!

  6. Chicken soup sounded like the most perfect antidote to sore teeth and the sniffles..

  7. Hi Anastasia-
    So sorry to hear about the braces and the sniffles in your happy family. Rest is always the best thing for what ails you... Stopped by your flicker site to view your 40's finished piece. I love it, lots of detail oodles of personality. Feel better soon!

  8. Thanks Anastasia, I read the feature too and loved her home, the blog is great too, thanks for the link! Don't worry, it will soon be spring!

    Allison x

  9. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Hope your boys feel better soon!

    Thanks for posting those pics, what a beautiful, serene home - lovely!

  10. I do hope your boys feel better. It's cold here too!

    I understand pain with braces as I had them when I was in highschool. Eee so glad that time in my life is over.

    I adore Real Living. I must get the new mag. Thanks for the pics. Can't wait to check it out.

  11. Love those photos - so inspiring!


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