July 6, 2008

this is ...my treasured childhood possession

well apart from wonderful memories & lots of childhood photos,
i dont have too many things but I must say my baby jewellrey means a lot...along with this handmade gold bracelet I have a baby brooch and a sweet little ring that my parents bought for me when i was born...
I also love my sewing basket that was a gift from my mother's friend....ive had it for a good 25 years now and i still use it today!

I also have my box of penpal letters
from my preteen years...nothing too sentimental but it makes me smile when I look back at them...
thanks to danielle for this week's topic and have a look at Angela's blog to see who is playing along with 'This is....'


  1. The jewellery is adorable! How lovely to have something so very special. Your sewing box is such amazing condition!

  2. Such a sweet post!
    I pinned the blue bird from my (long ago broken) baby bracelet to the ribbons on my wedding bouquet - a memento of my grandparents and a link to the past as well as being "something blue".

  3. Oh pre-teen letters! I have loads of them too, I totally forgot about them!

    That's a beautiful bracelet. It's so wonderful that you still have it.

  4. The baby jewellry is very special, isn't it! Your bracelet is lovely.

  5. Your bracelet is precious! Isn't it amazing how small we all start out! And what a pretty little sewing basket.

  6. That tiny bracelet is so sweet. I love that blue stone. And it's so great that you have kept letters in that cute sewing box.

    By the way I will probably open my Etsy about the 28th of July =) Thanks for your comments and encouragement.

  7. That baby bracelet is beautiful as is your sewing basket.

  8. That bracelet is so sweet and precious! Lucky you for having something so delicate from your childhood. Really lovely.

  9. Anonymous10:32 PM


  10. lovely momentos...the bracelet is especially pretty.

  11. Some nice treasures there. I love the sewing basket.


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