July 5, 2008

Loving Blue....
Im such a Lucky girl!
I recently won a $50 voucher from
Ruby St Designs ... Kris always puts together great kits - she restocks every Sunday evening and has regular giveaways on her blog!!
so this is what i picked....I was really drawn to these soft blues...my parcel arrived the other day and everything is gorgeous!

ive signed up to have a stall at my niece's school fete
which is 8 weeks away...not long!!!

got to get the craft going on!!
its my first craft stall - any tips/advice? would love to hear!

some more show and tell....
I recently bought this fun canvas collage on Etsy from my blogging friend Nancy... a treat for little moi!!
I love Etsy...such great stuff!!

Tonight we are off to my parents for a Winter BBQ...its freezing in Sydney! my toes are frozen!!

I shall leave you with a wonderful (over the top) blue bedroom image from Domino magazine...from my flickr favs!
Back tommorow with my 'This is...' post!


  1. ohhhh you won this?? how wonderful!I so love blue also.I can't wait to see what your most treasured childhood meme is!!!

  2. So pretty and dainty! What a lovely prize!

  3. Anastasia, thank you so much for showing off the collage here....

    I'm so glad that you are pleased with it....

  4. Best wishes with your craft booth...I'm certain it will be a huge success! Love all of your blue loot...absolutely dreamy.


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