July 3, 2008

a good dose!!!

Vitamin C anyone?
We have so many oranges at home...my parents friends grow them at their farm so Ive just received a whole bag, my in-laws have a mandarin tree and their neighbour a grapefruit tree so lots of citrus fruit to go around....isnt it wonderful how nature provides such a good dose of Vitamin C in these fruits just at the right time of the year...chilly Winter

my boys are getting over the flu but Ive been so busy at work with year end financials that I can feel a cold coming on!
On Sunday my mother in law was sitting in the warm winter sun threading grapefruit skins into tight rolls....what for, you ask?
Fruit preserves or spoon sweets as we call them....these skins will be cooked in a thick sweet syrup for hours until they are soft, then preserved in sterelized jars - perfect for the warmer months...usually served with a glass of ice cold water as they are so sweet!
Other fruits that are popular to preserve are Watermelon rind, figs, grapes...my favourite are small eggplants...yum!

Vintage Orange Juice ad found on Flickr


  1. Thanks for the great tip. My friend Angie gives us tons of fruit in the spring. I need to try it.

  2. Wow those grapefruit treats sound really yummy! It is funny to hear you chatting about your coming winter, when we are now enjoying summer (finally) in the states. Thanks for sharing, love your blog.

  3. Anonymous7:44 AM


  4. OK. You have to share what your mother in law does with them. We all want to try that now. It looks beautiful. Who thinks that some peel in sugar syrup would make a good treat. We've turned off our self-sufficiency brains, have't we. I'll be down in Sydney the middle weekend of the school hols. Hoping to do lots of gallery hoping. Let me know if you're free for a coffee.

  5. OMG - delicious! The spoon sweets sound like a taste sensation, great for summer!

  6. Oh wow that sound delish. Love your blogx

  7. I'm in love with grapefruit! Please share your mom in law's tips for the yums.

  8. wow such an attractive cooking technique.

  9. those spoon sweets sound SO good!! and citrus is definitely one of my favorite things about florida... i could eat it all day!

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