August 5, 2008

ive been tagged by two lovely girls, Flossy-P and VillaAnna to list 6 things about me. Ive done this a few times before so I'll just list random things
*i love vintage illustrated silhouettes

* Im super excited about the upcoming movie Australia
I cant wait to see the beautiful 40's inspired clothing and film set that Catherine Martin has created!! she is even bringing out her homewares range soon ...look at one of her gorgeous rugs! so whimsy and fun!
* the last movie I saw was 'Bridget Jones Diary - the Edge of Reason'....loved it and Colin Firth is definetely a hottie!!
Winter nights staying home in front of the box is the best!

* the last book I read was 'I know this much is true' by Wally Lamb...I couldnt put it down...sad but touching

* For dinner tonight we ate rissoles, steamed broccoli and snow peas and a coleslaw salad...all good!

* im really enjoy the british 7-Up series (show me a child at 7 and I will show you the man he will become ) re-runs air on Bio channel every Saturday ...guess it was one of the first reality shows when it aired in 1964 but this doco is interesting unlike the current reality crap...

Im going to tag the following lovely gals to list 6 pressure...only if you want to!
the Bird Bath , KatieCrakernuts, Lily and Agathe,
One Little Acorn, Petunia, Daisy in LaLa land


  1. Count me in!!!!!thanks for sharing all that with us,I always enjoy your great taste in fashion and illustrations and movies!!!I will start thinking about what to write about myself and will post as soon as I can!many thanks Dees

  2. It was fun reading some more about you. I too love the 7 up series-fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous7:46 AM

    The silhouettes are stunning! I love reading the "random" posts - thanks for sharing your randomness!

  4. Oh I am excited about Australia as well! I hardly ever go to the movies these days but this is one I cant wait to go and see on the big screen.

  5. Dd you make that caramel slice? i want the recipe it looks delicious... I will do that tag, my computers are playing up and I can't scan, I am really not happy about that, stops me from blogging as i love to dd nice images xx

  6. I like the things you shared. It's fun to read random facts and activities that you do =)

    And I love your illustrations and vintage childrens illustrations as well.

    I love your mag scans as well. They are always great!

  7. Ana, I can't believe the last movie you saw was Bridget Jones?!!

    Girl we need to get together for a movie date lol.

    I loved reading the random things about you. I'm looking forward to 'Australia' too!

    Anna :)

  8. haha Anna you are too cute! it was on TV Friday Bridget Jones!
    the last movie I saw at the cinema was Mamma fun!!!
    Tanya - I'll email you the recipe!!

  9. mmmm rissoles and broccoli, mmmmm. yum.

    Thanks for paying along. Sorry you've done it before, I have too, I think I'm up to about 36 random things now... which makes me feel, well, not very random actually :)

  10. Oooooh sorry had a blonde moment hehe.

    Didn't you just LOVE Mamma Mia?

    Anna ;)

  11. that series sound very interesting! i had never heard of it.
    i am looking forward to australia too.
    thanks for the tag! i will do it {but don't know when yet}.
    i hope you are having a wonderful weekend, a!

  12. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I LOOOOOOOOVVEEE that rug!!!! Must have it!!! Must cost a fortune???? The boys will destroy it! Will put it in my inspiration file instead for now!!!!


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