August 29, 2008

Love Fridays.....
I just wanted to thank you all for your supportive girls are the best!!
Im feeling so much better now, happy to have some days off before I head back to the office next week...

a quiet Friday today - a few loads of washing ...and I got to dry all my laundry outside in the sunshine...i can feel spring coming on!
I baked banana bread...we always have brown bananas by the end of the week.
I had a nice visit from my sister and I was even suprised by some happy mail from this lovely girl ...thanks SO much Cathy!!
I will share photos when I can start downloading my pics the meantime Im still raiding images from my flickr favs....

Top image from PrettyPetals
Middle image from SuzieDez
Bottom by Kandeland


  1. Hi Anastasia,
    I hope you're feeling much much better xx I am having a day like that but I shan't cry as the kids are all here but all I can say is viva la rentrée !
    Anyway I just wanted to say thanks so much for my little package which just arrived, you are so thoughful, the chocs wont last long and I shall give that recipe a go and see how mine look.. Again, thank you xx

  2. Ooh I love those little paper dolls!

  3. I'm so glad you liked the surprise. The timing worked out pretty well too which was kinda cool. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  4. Hi Anastasia ~ I just read about your melt down at work on Wednesday. Sorry to hear about it and the pressure you were under!
    So glad to know that you are feeling better now.
    I hope you have a restful Sunday!
    xox Kali

  5. i'm so glad you feel better! it happens that these things get to us, you spend a good part of your week there and it is natural to feel frustrated if you don't feel your work is appreciated.
    big hugs from petunia!!!

  6. Anonymous6:55 AM

    The SuzieDez dolls are wonderful!


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