September 2, 2008

This is my favourite Craft Supply shop....
I dont really have a favourite - i look for 'stuff' all over the place.
For pretty papers I tend to shop online, i love Ruby Street designs - vintage inspired papercraft kits & goodies.
I also shop at Craft fairs, Im looking forward to this one as they have great workshops too!
I scour thrift shops, flea markets & Ebay for vintage ephemera, cards and embellishments.
On the weekend I took Peter to 'Reverse Garbage' for supplies as he has a school project to do - i always end up finding stuff for me too!

Im currently going through my childhood encyclopedia set for maps & diagram pages, they make great backgrounds for my tags - i feel so bad as my parents spent a fortune on the sets but no one uses them now and my dad was going to throw them out...lucky for me that
Percival Road Designs is a 'sweet mix of Old and New'...
i can download photos now (Yeahhh...) here are some pics I took at Reverse Garbage, the bottom photo is what I found for me....the whole box as well as 4 metres of lace cost me $3!! going to tea dye the lace to get it looking a little dated.
Thanks to Handmaiden for this weeks post! and to Angela for Hosting 'This is'....


  1. That all looks good. I would like to start something like Reverse Garbage but on a small scale for Girl Guide and Scout leaders and other youth groups. I have the plan, just need a little bit more time. It's on the backburner for the moment, but will happen eventually.

  2. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I've never heard of reverse garbage but I think I get the idea of what happens. We have some awesome thift shops around our neighbourhood that supply me with odds and ends.. but I have so much 'stuff' already that I am going to declare next year a 'use what you have' year! That gives me a few more months to rack up some more supplies lol.

  3. I should start to scour thrift shops and markets, though when I try I never seem to find anything.
    That first online store looks great! I usually buy online as well.

    Ohh and your shop!

  4. Oh the idea of 'reverse garbage' is fantastic - they should have it everywhere!!!
    And congrats on the opening of your shop!!
    Hope you are well xxx

  5. It sounds like you have it all covered! Great finds at reverse garbage!

  6. Looks like a fantastic place!
    Sandra Evertson

  7. this place looks great! love the vintage necklaces.

  8. Anonymous10:02 PM

    I used to go to reverse garbage in melbourne when I was at collecge and did'nt have much cash for my big art projects!!! They always had great stuff! Can't wait to see your store fill up!

  9. I love all the "little finds" that you can get at places like that. It seems even more exciting when you can use something that everyone else isn't buying from the same craft shop.

  10. oh, lucky girl! that place looks like heaven to me!


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