October 30, 2008

Blogtoberfest Day 30
Where has our sun gone?
on the weekend we were in T-shirts and today Im wearing a cardigan?! whats going on?
I sometimes think it would be nice to live in a beach suburb - casual laid back atmosphere, cafes, late night walks at the beach, constant buzz of people...it would feel like a year-round vacation wouldnt it?
Im sure it also has its negatives...like trying to find a parking spot, on Sunday at Bondi Beach it took us over 20 minutes!!
...still, a little cottage
on a remote beach would be perfect - not many of those left...water and property development (ie high prices) go hand in hand!
whilst I was at Bondi Markets
i spotted a stall that had
really cute softies...so I
had a little chat with the seller and she gave me her card, turns out she's a blogger too and reads some of the same blogs as i do and also plays 'This is...' what a small (blogging) world!
Top image by
Middle - Mary Engelbreit's
'Home Companion' magazine
Bottom - SMH good weekend magazine


  1. hehehe, I read about you seeing badskirt at the markets on her blog yesterday :) Sounds like you had a lovely chat!

  2. The weather is way too bizarre at the moment! Even on a day to day basis, it's beach weather one minute and freezing cold the next. There's something wrong about having to layer clothes going into summer!

  3. That's definitely a small world. :) And how nice to run into someone like that.
    Happy swimming this summer too :)

  4. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Oh yes, a beach house would be wonderful! The ice-creams, fairground and the beach! (love the second image) How wonderful that you met a fellow blogger on your walks.

  5. Oh yes a seaside retreat is on my wishlist too! We can dream can't we?

  6. I actually like the cold, but that's just me :)

  7. love your blog!!


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