October 31, 2008

Blogtoberfest Day 31 - BOO!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

so today I get the 'bad mother of the day' award - I dropped Neo off at Preschool this morning and all the kiddies were dressed up in very
scary outfits....far out!
my poor kid...i didnt know, I was not notified they were having a halloween party!
maybe I should have just guessed huh?

here are some Halloween cards I made last year...didnt do anything
Halloween-ish this year
but here is my first Oriental stitch book I made at book binding class. Now we're working on an A5 scrapbook, i made my first hinged cover - cool! its so fun!

a few weeks
back i gave a little gift to my friend Daphne's baby, Genevieve... today Daphne emailed me a pic of baby's cot...she's put all the ribbons and gift tags at the end of her cot - she says Genevieve loves to stare at the colours - so cute now that she doesnt move much!! such a sweet baby too and its so lovely to see my friend as a new mum!!
Have a fun Halloween everyone!!


  1. The journal looks fantastic! You must be having a great time with you course.

    How cute is that package?! Adorable!

    And you're not a bad mummy...we don't really celebrate Halloween here much anyway so it would be hard to remember =)

    Also thanks for the suggestion to put a shop link on the side =)

  2. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Cute package,love it!I cant say I ever had that experience of forgetting a school function.My girls went to a private school and we were always informed of up comming events. Halloween is always celebrated here in the States.

  3. That binding is beautiful, was it difficult to learn? Did you do the marbling too? :) Happy Halloween!

  4. Cute cards! Happy Halloween!


  5. Daphne and Genevieve!6:55 AM

    Great binding work; it's so neat! Looking forward to seeing more...

  6. Of course she cherishes your tag! You make such cute collages and mine is hanging here and I see it daily and it makes me smile!


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