May 25, 2009

Eye Spy: My Karaoke Masterpiece

Ha! i havnt stepped foot in a Karaoke bar in over 10 years but my favourite songs to sing were always

'I will Survive' by Gloria Gaynor ...a favourite amongst my girlfriends! (drop your handbag to the floor and dance honey!)

Mickey by Toni Basil - catchy, upbeat and lots of fun!

and a song I love to sing along to with lots of sultry passion anytime (anywhere) is 'Brass In Pocket' by The Pretenders....

Thanks to Erin for this week's music flash back and funny memories!


  1. DUST karaoke would be something to see...

    (I love Mickey!!)

  2. Thats Crazy!
    I dont think anyone wud get to drag me into a karaoke bar!
    And i dont think i was ever singing in one!

  3. Haha I've only been a few times. I love the Mickey song. It's great fun with friends though =)

  4. OOO! I love Mickey! I used to dance to that video when I was young thinking Toni Basil was just hilarious!

  5. Just as well you can't see me as I have got the pompoms out and Mickey-ing with the best of them

  6. I love singing kareoke, it's so much fun to sing old songs you haven't heard in a long time with your closest friends :)

  7. Great memories, I loved Mickey too, it's in my head right now!!

  8. I LOVE Mickey!
    I had a dance to it at my brother's wedding on Saturday!


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