May 24, 2009

Marching In.....

Style Inspiration: The Military look....two of my recent fashion illustrations both were inspired by the military look....
I wish I had more idle time to sit and so behind on my fashion illustration challenges and Ive completely neglected Illustration sad but life is super busy right now! i wish there was more time in the day!
I might be showing my age here but can anyone remember those Army surplus stores
(Disposable stores) - they used to be everywhere but are now non-existant!?
as teenagers we used to love going in and having a browse around....
I remember one year buying a heavy duffle coat from the local one that was probably way too heavy for Sydney weather but I felt so cool wearing it - as a teen I guess thats all that mattered!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


  1. AC, I remember those! There was a huge one in the city on George St!

  2. yes...we used to go to a huge one in was always old men working there?! haha wonder what happened to them...

  3. yes, I use to love them too - we use to go to one down near the movies in George street ( as mentioned above) - they always smelt a bit funny... we loved the big old army green jackets- and those canvas bags we would then tkae home and customise.

  4. Utterly gorgeous! I love the top photo of that wild girl and her hair but I love your drawings too - especially the portrait of the pretty girl with her lovely big sensitive eyes! PS: So glad you love "Mad Men" too! Phew!

  5. Oooooh I love that first photo.... it just asks to be made into a gorgeous drawing, and I've always been a huge fan of military uniforms, specially the older stuff.

  6. Beautiful pictures and drawings, I love your fashion challenges.


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