July 18, 2009

A Girl and her dog....
are you a dog loving girl or do you prefer cats, birds or hamsters?
Im actually a little scared of dogs ...i got bitten by a teeny weeny dog a few years back so thats made me even more nervous
but i do love these layouts from Anthropologie...dogs should never be a fashion accessory though but when teamed with lovely boots and pretty clothes it must make people think - who's that girl?
my friend Tammy sent me over a bunch of Anthropologie catalogues over from the USA and I do love the shops style so much ...its good that we dont have it here in Australia, i think Id be broke!
Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. I am absolutely a dog girl!
    I have two!
    Anthro is 3 hours away from me, so my wallet is safe most of the time!

  2. A hello from Paris to wish you a happy saturday. I'm often walking around Paris with my dog Blog (his name!). But don't look like your pictures cause I'm a man. Weather is absolutely awful today, raining and it'll be an apricot jam day.
    See you

  3. I'm definitely a cat girl! I like other people's dogs though, and if I suddenly became a dog person, and was looking to adopt a dog, I'd definitely get one like the big white poodle above!!!

  4. I am a dog girl, love mine so much. I have 2 Jack Russell's, I actually work for them. They make me smile

  5. I like both cats and dogs. My dog looks like the standard poodle in the photo. I like std poodles because they are gentle giants and mine gets along very well with my cat. They are great buddies.

  6. I have a small dog but he has a big dog complex. He will bark at a big dog or some one he does not know, and act like he will eat them alive. But he is just a scared little dog who will lick you to death if he gets a chance. I was bit when I was a child and fear some dogs also. Have a blessed weekend. Jody from North Carolina

  7. I have three pups, a Pomeranian, a Pekingese and a Japanese Chin but the make TERRIBLE fashion accessories - well, I guess when dog hair is the new black - they'll be ALL the rage! love love love your blog, just discovered you on an etsy forum thread- come on over and visit me sometime:

  8. I am a dog, cat, and lizard kindof girl. I am really enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work!

  9. Anonymous7:57 AM

    I have 2 dogs and 2 cats.I love my westie and border collie but somehow I seem to favour the kitties now that im getting older.

  10. I can't wait to check out Anthropologie when I visit the US next year. I can't believe I'm going to be visiting the US next year.

    As for cats and dogs, you probably already know where I stand!

  11. I quite like dogs. Wish we had anthropologie here so those catalogues would be awesome! Those pictures are gorgeous.

  12. Im more a tights then a dog kindof girl!;)

    But the shots look nice, i like the patchwork looking skirt best.

  13. You always find the most wonderful pics, I love most animals!

  14. I am animal lover of all sorts but there is something special about mans and womans best friend!

  15. Oh, I SO know what you mean about being broke if Anthropologie was here. I've never been in bad debt, but there's no doubt I would be!

  16. When I was still living in Oz, a blog friend sent me 4(!) Anthro catalogues, and sent me over the moon, lol. TOTALLY impressed all my friends. :P As soon as I got back over here, I promptly signed up to receive my own catalogues. Still impatiently waiting for them! :p It's a good thing HAWAII doesn't actually have an Anthropologie store, either!! lol

    Oh, yeah, and a pug makes a pretty good eyecatcher, too... :p

  17. I too always picture myself with a poodle like that....in the perfect outfit with the perfect shoes.....in real life I walk in the rain with a very old dachshund with my hair looking like....and the dogsmell is worse then ever and I don't even slightly resemble anything from the dream but am perfectly happy anyways!LOL


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