July 19, 2009

Joan Walsh Anglund love and My Giveaway winner!!!

As you all know I love love vintage childrens books...so i was really excited when someone used the image I posted here & on flickr and turned it into a lovely embroidery.
Its looks so darling dont you think?!

'Childhood is a Time of Innocence' by Joan Walsh Anglund
embroidery by GlazedAngel101

Joan has many flickr fans who probably loved her books as much as me - there is even a flickr group, my favourite would have to be this image, i love it!

and now to my Giveaway winner!! i got a number using Random.org and got 115!
my 115th follower is artist Jan Allsopp so congratulations Jan!
i will be doing a giveaway again some time soon so stay tuned! Just sharing the love.....


  1. Oh, This is cute!
    I have to check out her flickr, i love embroidery!

    And Congrats Jan on the Giveaway!:)

  2. Just so lovely=makes a wonderful embroidery

  3. I am so excited! I won! Woo hoopdy dooo! Can't wait to get my prize! Thank you so much Anastasia! You already know how much I love your creations I think, but thank you!

  4. That drawing and embroidered piece are adorable! :-)

  5. I cannot get over that embroidery! Its so gorgeous!

  6. Oh, this is lovely! I have some of her books too - this embroidery is so sweet!



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