September 30, 2009

I heart New York city....
We're back!!!
We've been home for 3days now but I cant seem to handle long flights anymore.... once you pass the International Date line a whole day from your life just disappears and im sure its taken every ounce of my energy along with it
so both Andrew and I have been catching up on lots of sleep hitting the pillow as early as 8.30pm and trying to deal with jetlag!

I also got back to a house full of red dust from the freaky dust Storm that hit Sydney last week, so I spent the first day back dusting, wiping and mopping every visible surface as well as doing lots of laundry and spending time with our boys whom we missed SO SO much - lots of hugs and kisses!

what a busy 2 weeks in New York City - Wow...... what a place!
The city has such a pulse, such an intensity to it, so much going on, people everywhere, traffic streaming down its long avenues, cars honking all day all night, traffic lights that pedestrians simply ignore (who wants to waste a few minutes waiting for the light to change!), food carts on every corner, Police and security and sirens blaring, bewildered tourists trying to read their maps, dog walkers, beautiful parks that offer a quiet oasis amongst the noise, joggers pounding the pavements with a zest for had a gritty feel to it with specks of beauty in its parks and pretty street planters, patriotic USA flags and gorgeous flower stalls outside local convenience stores.
Its definetely a work hard (lots of sleepy commuters on the trains) and play hard lifestyle was a constant Go, Go, Go for us and quite overwhelming.... we were rushing around uptown, downtown as fast as the locals do - no relaxing holiday thats for sure and my 3 pairs of worn in shoes didnt work out as well as I thought - my feet were killing me every single day ...but we both loved it and had a brilliant time and got to see so much and eat delicious things and meet some lovely people!

I took lots of pictures but there's nothing like being there and experiencing the noise, smells, excitement of the city coming alive......


  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip. Total envy. I've only recently gotten the urge to travel to the U.S. NY would definitely be an amzing experience. Lucky you.

    I've only just finished blogging a bit about my trip to Europe. We got back on Friday - luckily no problems with jetlag.

  2. Welcome back Anastasia! Oh I can't wait to hear all about the rest of your trip. The photos look great so far. I've never travelled far enough to really experience jet lag but I hope your catching up.

    And that dust storm was freaky. We had one here in Brissy too but on a lesser scale than the one in Sydney.

  3. ahhhhhh favorite city in the entire world - love the images you captured...

  4. Sounds like a fab time, I'm dying to go to NYC, so jealous!

  5. Lucky, lucky girl...What an experience!! ahhhhhh.....
    Welcome back :)
    xo, Kali

  6. yay! welcome home- i missed your blog! tell us more, show us everything!!!

  7. Daphne4:44 PM

    Welcome back - sounds like a lovely whirlwind extravaganza!

  8. welcome back - glad you had a great time. tell us more!!!!

  9. Welcome back, you lucky duck!! xx

  10. Oh wow - sounds like you had a ball! Thanks so much for the post it bought back many many fond memories of my FAVORITE city!!

  11. Love your take on NY - I hear those sirens all night long, and I am the one ignoring the street lights (although I did almost get hit by a cab the other night, but it was POURING - doesn't that make it OK to not wait for the green light?!). I wonder if I saw you exploring the city. :)

  12. Hi Anastasia and welcome home! I can really feel NYC in your post, it is a crazy pace. Only 9 weeks until we go - let's hope Brooklyn is a bit more laid back, not sure I could take a month of that pace with kids in tow. So glad you guys had fun and enjoying all your hugs with your boys.

  13. Welcome back Anastasia. Hope the jetlag passes quickly and that we get to hear all your tales soon.

  14. I'm off to Tokyo from Toronto this weekend. I've never flown more than 6 time zones before! I'm scared of jet lag. I'm more scared of the intense boredom of a 13 hour flight. AND I'm so close to NYC but have never even thought of going! So thanks for taking me there.

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  16. Love the gorgeous photos Anastasia! You have such an eye for 'framing' things.

  17. welcome back, AC
    Glad to hear you had such a fab time.
    you still sound excited by it all.
    I'd love to go back to NY - maybe one day, *sigh*

  18. Welcome back !!! This displaced NY-er really loved the sights and sounds you wrote of and the pix....but I want more !!! I do hope you'll post more about your trip. SO glad you had a wonderful time :)

  19. welcome back, dear a!!!! lot's of the things that you say about NY remind me of buenos aires. well, when i was in NY i kept thinking of buenos aires...
    so glad you had a great time!

  20. I'm going to New York and Connecticut with my daughter in two days! I can't wait. We have never been. We are only going to have one day to tour NYC.


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