October 2, 2009

Manhattan: Pretty places to live...
Thanks for the welcome back comments, its great to be back!!
here are some pretty apartments I spotted on our walkabout around Manhattan....

*Front Garden near Cushman Row - Chelsea

* Upper West side brownstones, beautiful ironwork details

* Chelsea apartment block - i loved the little religious icons greeting passers by... 2nd window (bottom row)

Doctors Row - stunning brownstones dated around the late 1800s -122nd st, Harlem
Pomander Walk - Upper West Side...a 'village-in-the-city' feel along 94th and 95th street

and more beautiful apartments near Riverside Park, Upper West Side.


  1. Love the Doctors row of Brownstones- heavenly!

  2. ohhh, loving the beautiful old architecture...hmmmm.

  3. Anonymous3:30 PM

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  4. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Beautiful!! I always dreamed of living in Kathleen Kelly's apartment in "You've Got Mail" :)

  5. welcome back anastasia! i had to take a peek at your NYC pics. as i suspected they made me very homesick for old homestead. i have had friends that lived in a couple of the complexes that your have photographed here.not as spacious as you might think. i myself lived in several different apartments on the upper east side over the years-blocks from the metropolitan museum of art. i was a frequent visitor... anyway i look forward to more of your vacation slide show.
    ta ta for now- sheree

  6. The apartments just look so different. They are so great!

  7. so pretty! maybe one day we will be able to meet there.


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