October 3, 2009

Transition to warmer weather

i thought it was safe to pack away my knits and sweaters for the year
but its suddenly turned cold, gray and
wet in Sydney....its back to cardigan wearing weather!

* images
Top - JCrew
Middle - Anthropologie
Bottom - Sienna and Keira from 'The Edge of Love' which I havnt seen...anyone know if its worth checking out?


  1. They are so cute, it's funny because it's really hot in Brisbane today!

  2. Cute sweaters! Unfortunately even though it will be winter here soon....it's never cold enough to wear a sweater very often.

  3. the weather in california just can't decide either -

  4. Love the cardys in the last image. Quite enjoyed the film too although don't remember the name. Jumpers out in the UK too - no surprises there!!

  5. I love cardys- too hot up here for one today though! cool change must be coming...

  6. Such darling outfits! I'll have to keep them in mind- I'm going shopping today! I'm very excited for cardigan weather here... there has been just too much heat!

  7. Hello Anastasia,
    I love cardigans. They add color and camouflage a multitude of sins!
    I did watch the film on DVD. It's a girl film. No husband or children allowed (even my teens who find such movies very sentimental). It is a good film. I love Keira, but didn't know Sienna Miller was so good. Also it contains the only love scene that made me cry! In sum, from the little I know you,I think you should enjoy it!

  8. Oh I love cardigans! Here in England cardigan-weather is so rare... by which I mean it's either too warm for them, in Summer, or quickly passes to being *much* too cold for just a cardigan... big scarves, warm woolly coats etc. required!

    Luckily we've had the most fabulous sunny Autumn - perfect for donning cardigans in true English eccentric style!


  9. Those are super cute! I need to stock up for the winter. :)

  10. I love cardigans, they're so versatile.

  11. Love the images. And that's one thing I like about cold weather is the cardies. Love them!


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