December 31, 2009

Getting ready for a New Year....

i love the feeling a new year brings - a fresh start, new possibilities and adventures! and hope for a more tolerant and peaceful world

Hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve and celebrate to the wee hours intoxicated by merriment!!
im going to be partying a little extra hard as tommorow I turn 39 so the celebrations will start the night before....

Some dance/party songs guaranteed to get you up and busting those moves

Around the World - Daft Punk
Lets Stick Together - Bryan Ferry
Young Hearts - Rod Stuart
Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake
Staying Alive - Bee Gees
Tainted Love - Soft Cell

whats your favourite party track?

December 30, 2009

Just a Minute in December....

Reading - Magazines, people's twitter updates, blogs, looking for a new book to read
Drinking - Tea (all year round), Cappucino before work or a Greek coffee when Im home - i think i need to drink more water too

Listening - to George Michael CDs. Im going to his concert in 8wks so need to reaquaint myself with the lyrics so i can sing loud, really loud!
Wanting - more time in the day!
Watching - 'The September Issue' documentary (awesome!), 'Peter Pefect' on cable TV haha - silly fun but who doesnt love a makeover show?, oh and i need to buy Mad Men Season 3 DVD set,

Loving - vintage wallpaper...this post over at 100layercake is SO inspiring as are these images!!
*Top image by
Daniela Mac Adden
Bottom image
by Tim Walker*

December 27, 2009

lazy days and nights...

im loving these lazy leisurely days after the pre- Christmas rush and then the busy festive day itself which was spent catching up with family and eating nonstop (shortbread & rum truffles - yum!!)
it can all get too much non?

Andrew and I are both off work until Tuesday and enjoying time with our boys at home, relaxing ...its so great not having to think about anything stressful, well there's what to cook for dinner (tonight was sticky chicken, mash, corn and a garden salad - good!!) but even that is enjoyable when you can take your time.
we've been watching re-runs on TV, reading magazines, playing UNO with the boys, laughing...enjoying each other's company - its all good!!

hope your days are great too!!

*above image - current inspirations from my flickr favs - to see details click HERE*

December 24, 2009

**A Merry Christmas 2009 **

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and hope the festive season is full of great times, good food and lots of love all around!!

Top & bottom image by Chris Everard
middle image by Abbytrysagain

December 23, 2009

my place and yours: The 'Me' Wardrobe

a fun theme this week over at Pip's weekly meme,
'My place and yours'.

im a classic kinda girl, simple lines, nothing too fussy - i have lots of pieces that I can wear time and time again..sometimes i do get bored of what I own (who doesnt?) so I buy some updated accessories or shoes....
I love dresses and skirts but enjoy slouching around in jeans too!
Thanks to Sandra for this week's theme!
*illustrations by me*

December 22, 2009

Christmas Bark
I made some the other day and its such an easy recipe, give it a try if you like....

200g melted white cooking chocolate
6-10 crushed candy cane sticks
mix together and spread thinly on some brown paper - set in fridge and then crack into small pieces

delicious and pretty too dont you think?
hope its not too crazy in your household this week... im trying to take it easy...

December 20, 2009

a 'Mad Men' Chritmas....
My friend Teresa lent me the Season 2 DVD of 'Mad Men', and so this is how Ive been spending my evenings lately....its such a great series and so different to whats on TV these days, I love it!!
here are some vintage Christmas advertising 'Mad Men' style...

have a happy festive start to the week!!
*images found via Google images*

December 17, 2009

a Summery Christmas....

9 days until Christmas!
hasnt it come around real fast this boys are starting to really get excited and my threats of Santa not coming if they arent nice is starting to get a little
Christmas in Australia is such a lighthearted event, mostly you'll find people outdoors in their gardens having a big BBQ (this is us every year)
or by the pool, beach or even a picnic gathering...its all very relaxed and always a wonderful day...

i love these casual table settings, pretty summery flowers teamed with simple recycled bottles, subtle colours in fresh blue linens and lovely details and texture added to make it special!!

*Top two images from Country Style magazine and bottom image from Goodhousekeeping

December 16, 2009

My Place and Yours: Five Minute Peace....

wish I had more time to just sit and read and look at pretty pictures....oh and to draw, i am so behind on my fashion illustration challenges and I still need to respond to emails, bake christmas cookies and start wrapping presents....
* currently loving Lula magazine*

December 13, 2009

catching up.... What a lazy weekend ive had! ive been catching up with things as i was away with work for two days last week.

Its so great that the company i work for invests in personal development & training for their staff...they really thrive on having a blue cultured company and its not always easy but hey sometimes you just need that motivational kick to get things going again

We all had a great time...lots of team bonding and lots of laughs - we stayed in the company owners' family beach house - stunning home and location! just lovely!!

So its almost 10 days until Christmas and Ive been a tad slow this year, the tree is up at least and today i wrapped Christmas gifts that need mailing overseas and some gifts for the boys teachers...i also cut out some paper doves, i tried a few different papers but think they look best in this thick texturised paper...not sure what I'll do with them - maybe I'll cut out some more and make a garland to hang on the door or maybe gift toppers??

anyway back to work tommorow so its an early nights sleep for me! nighty night...see you all soon!

December 9, 2009

Giveaway winner + a book signing

yayyy! we have a winner....Congratulations to Steph of Bondville
for being chosen from all my followers!!
Thanks Steph and I will be in touch soon!
i hope to have giveaways often so stay tuned my lovelies!

Last night I went to
The Sartorialist's Sydney book signing event - i adore his blog which ive followed since his early days and since I had the book at home i just had to go ....

i love fashion but dont consider myself a fashionista
so i felt a little intimdated but im so glad I went along!
Everyone really made the effort and so many FAB looks...the ques were long and i think it was the longest book signing ever!

i was there for over 2hrs but it was so worth it - Scott was charming, friendly and he looked great in his tailored navy suit, crisp white shirt, preppy reading glasses and sleek leather brogues (no socks)

it was a night to remember and everyone left smiling!

December 7, 2009

Spirit of Giving
im having a little Giveaway to celebrate Christmas Cheer and this wonderful month of giving!

I'll put together a little parcel of paper goods made by me plus some lovely red/white bakers twine and other delights - all you need to do is follow my blog to be in the running - I will do a random draw on Wednesday morning - i hope to have giveaways often throughout the year....
have a happy day!!
*to see credit details of these beautiful flickr images - take a look here *

December 6, 2009

They say you should never Judge a book by its cover....but sometimes you cant help it

Books are always a lovely gift idea - i love buying and receiving (to my family members reading this - hint hint)
For those little gardeners 'Sow and Grow' by Tina Davis

For the meat lover

for anyone with a sweet tooth (that applies to most)

Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey: Desserts for the Serious Sweet Tooth by Jill O'Connor

For Children and Adults everywhere...

'This is....' book series by Miroslav Sasek are a joy! We have a few vintage ones found on Ebay and Ive also bought some of the reprinted books - they are so fun and the illustrations wonderful!

for the sewer/crafter

Sew Sunny Homestyle by Tone Finnanger Although im not very good at sewing - i love this book!! im determined to try some of the sewing projects - the book also have gorgeous pictures - love Tone's look and style and there's over 50 beautiful things to make!

So whilst ive show Amazon links here - try to source books locally, i know its not always cheaper (maybe wait for sale time?!) but support local to keep communities alive and happy!

December 5, 2009

cuting, glueing and playing nurse
ive been a busy gal the past week making some things for the Leeloo stall at
Finders Keepers market
Andrew kept the boys busy this morning so I popped down there - so worth a trip if you havnt been yet - closes at 8pm tonight!
was great to see some familiar faces
and products!
very inspiring market and I did a little shopping too...the growers market were also on so was nice to bring some treats home to eat too!

Neo was sick with fever yesterday, poor darling so ive been busy washing bed sheets close to midnight....when i have to clean up after sick kids I always think of nurses and full time carers who do this for a living, big applaud to them!
tonight Im going to just be still and relax a little...phew!

December 2, 2009

Day 2 Gift Ideas
Ruffles and Texture

for your sister, best friend or even your collegue - Knotted Clutch by SewLola

For your home - White ruffled Crepe Garland
*Top image by David Sims for Vogue
A Charming Kitchen

Sometimes you come across a decor image that makes you think - 'Wow, how utterly charming and adorable...let me move in right now!'

this kitchen is far from glamourous and doesnt have many modern elements
but its oh SO full of character...i could totally see me baking, cooking and washing up the breakfast dishes in this lovely space!

*images from Country Living magazine....Victorian homes are so beautiful...sigh!*

December 1, 2009

Daily Gift idea - pretty knickers

Top - Amity knickers by Hopeless
Middle - print by Beautyonthefire
Bottom - satin boxers by Naomilingerie

*For yourself
*For your best friend
*For your sister
*For your mum

La Nouvelle new dress
What do you think of my new dress? Aint it pretty!?
I bought it from Adore Vintage,
which is a flickr friend's online boutique! Some gorgeous frocks...
tempting tempting
but the prices are reasonable and wearing vintage you're usually guaranteed that no one else is wearing the same thing so Im not going to feel bad shopping in whats the most expenisve month of the year!
I think the best thing about an online shopping experience is waiting for the parcels to arrive in the mail!
Who doesnt love mail!?
I'll be back tonight for the first of my 'daily gift idea' posts!
have fun!
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