April 4, 2010

Happy Easter everyone!
as the Greeks say, Xristos Anesti!! (Christ has risen)

Easter is such a special holiday in our house, it always means

*baking traditional Greek treats - cheesy flaounes, biscuits, sweet breads
*dying eggs a deep red
*attending church with candles and following the decorated Epitaphion down the road and back again
*an Easter Sunday feast - family, food, food and more food
* enjoying a full day at The Royal Easter Show
* overdosing on chocolate!

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Sounds like you have a lovely but busy Easter:)

  2. You're the first blogger I've seen mention the show. How was it? Busy? Insanely busy?
    Your Easter treats look glorious.

  3. Happy Easter to you-hope you had a wonderful time-looks like you did:)

  4. The Easter show?? never heard of that!! will have to look into it x

  5. This sounds like a wonderful Easter. I hope you had a fantastic time! x

    And thanks for the comment about my brother's wedding :)

  6. Happy Easter guys!!!

    Kate - the Easter show is always a great day out...must admit its been the same for years now - they need a makeover i think!! more handmade craft and handcrafts and out with the plastic toys and crappy stalls - we went on Saturday, wasnt that busy which was great! the boys had fun!

    Lissy - its an annual event, long time tradition ...the country comes to the city! like a big fun fair


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