April 6, 2010

a night to remember.....

Yesterday feeling a little bored we decided to take the boys ten pin bowling.

Our nearest bowling alley has a 'disco' theme, its borderline tacky but always fun with huge disco balls, a jukebox, retro furniture as well as TV screens showing vintage music clips ...

one of the songs that played was
'a Night to remember' by Shalamar (1982) which got me grooving on the spot ,
its been in my head all day again today...

its one of those songs
that needs to be played when getting ready to head out on the town...
we always used to put music on to get in the mood, taking ages to decide what to wear...
carefully applying our makeup
and looking foward to a great night out...ahhh the memories!

* all images via Google images*


  1. Anonymous1:11 AM

    love Lily Cole...
    she's such a sweetheart

  2. ah yes, I remember those days...the excitement, the music, the dancing. What fun!!

  3. Ten pin bowling is great fun and kids love it. I think the borderline tacky makes it even more fun.
    Haha I wasn't even born when that song came out but I love old disco music. It puts you in a real dancing mood. And I love it when music brings back memories. :)

  4. haha Gracie - now you're making me feel old!!!!


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