September 10, 2010

A Girl Called Rodellee.....
Its that time again! Time to meet another creative girl.
This fortnight i want to introduce Rodellee , who runs a gorgeous online Vintage clothing shop 'Adore Vintage'
She seems to find the best vintage pieces and then styles them up to look even more amazing!
Im also a huge fan of her blog, i get SO inspired by her all posts
that I check in almost daily...

Im thrilled to have interviewed Rodellee for my blog series on Creative woman...

Welcome Rodellee!
What is currently inspiring you? - 1960s French films + music, Clara Bow, and the book "Sex With Kings" by Eleanor Herman, an absolute must read! There are so many women in history I must know more about now as a result of reading this book!

Name 3 things you couldn't live without right now? - Coffee, iPhone, and my "new" vanity, a gift from my mother-in-law from the 1930s.
(me - sounds fantastic, i hope you'll share it with us on your blog!!)

Rodellee, your love of fashion is so passionate, can you define to us, your personal style? - It's a bit granny and a bit French. I often get told by friends (and friends of friends) that I remind them of their grandmothers in their stylish pasts. I really enjoy mixing the very old with the not so old (early 20th century paired with the 1960s). Throughout the years my clothes have definitely gotten more "beige", I can't seem to get enough pretty and delicate cream and nude colored blouses!

* Favourite colour (or colour combinations)? - Nude, tan, camel, white, navy, and black.
* Favourite Smell/Frangrance? - Lollia Eu de Parfum - Lavender and Honey - It's so soft and lovely with a bit of sweetness and powdery after notes.

* What do you love about your City? - How diverse it is! I was a bit perplexed about moving to Los Angeles, I definitely got suckered into the perception that it was going to be a bottle blonde, skinny minis, dog eat dog kind of place and I thought oh goodness, where am I going to fit into this chaotic label obsessed city?
And I moved here and it wasn't like that at all!
That world does exist, but it's easy to avoid and only in certain pockets of LA. There are so many little shops to visit (plenty of beautiful vintage boutiques for all budgets!), tiny art galleries where the owners are super nice and have their pets in tow, tons of restaurants to satisfy any foodie, and plenty of culture that extends past what you would expect if you watch a lot of television.
I recently went to the L.A. Food Truck Festival which was amazing and something you can't really do anywhere else yet.

Finally, Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us?
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye. - The Little Prince.
To see more of Rodellee
head on over to her
gorgeous online shop
or to her
Blog for inspiration
and behind the scenes and Twitter
for shop updates!
* All images by Rodellee ( what an amazing apartment right??) *


  1. Oh, lovely lovely clothing! Great feature AC. :)

  2. Hi Anastasia! I'm Ana and a colleague to the BYW e-course. I'm visiting your blog fr the first time and already fell in love with all the vintage and french feel around it.
    I'll be coming back for sure!!

  3. Beautiful clothing!!!
    And nice apartment too... :)

  4. that first picture is so pretty!

    found you via etsy forums, i hope you'll come visit me too!

  5. Oh wow! I just love this... Nothing like a fabulous questionnaire to get to know someone.. Her style sounds positively dreamy I will be heading over to her blog now! So glad I stumbled across yours too
    xo tash

  6. Interesting - I think of LA as being very hard to live in. Thank you for the perspective.

  7. Oh wow pretty amazing! I like her fave colour combos because I'm pretty similar. The first picture is gorgeous and makes me wish my clothes were hung like that.

  8. Hi Anastasia! Found you via the BYW forum and course!

    Lovely to *meet* a fellow Aussie blogger, and such a fab blog too.

    I love your 'A Girl Called...' series, what a great idea!

    That apartment above is gorgeous, and Rodellee's favourite perfume sounds divine... I love both of those scents (lavendar and honey) and am on the hunt for a new perfume, so will search it out!

    Linda. :)

  9. I am heading over to this lady's blog right now. Thanks for the insight - just discovered your blog and I'm loving looking back through past posts! Have an aswesome weekend xx


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