October 11, 2010

At My house
ive been feeling a little bland lately, not much to blog about really
...i am looking forward to tommorow as its my day off...the boys are back at school so i can have a few hours to myself, maybe I'll grab a coffee and a cake at the local Italian bakery, i took the boys there the other day - the traditional sweets are always SO good!

Ive also got to finish a wedding order for a lovely Melbourne bride - she'll be using the birdies to wrap around their invite and matching birdy tags for her party favours! Weddings are always so wonderful, we have two family weddings coming up early next year - cant wait - i love weddings!

anyway fingers crossed the weather will be warm tommorow so i can do some laundry and dry it outside.
How was your electiricity bill last quarter?
ours shot up like crazy - winter heating and overuse of the clothes dryer...not good!

hope you enjoy your day!
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  1. Those cakes look yummy. Have a lovely day tomorrow:)

  2. Mmmm mmmm mmmmm those cakes look so delish.
    Joanne (from BYW).

  3. Am feeling a tad run down by domestic duties myself. Those cakes look soooo good.

  4. Hiee there Anastasia, it's my first time visiting you here and im so happy to meet you on our byw forum. Oh my i am really loving your work...they are gorgeous and these birds cards are so sweeet!! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  5. Hope you did have a nice day today and you managed to fit in some lovely cakes. I'm sure cakes like those could help a little. I'm sure some time to yourself will be good as well. Some days, weeks, are just harder than others, aren't they?

    Thanks for joining in again. Lovely to visit your house. Lou.

  6. it must be one of those 'blah blog' weeks! hopefully you'll feel refreshed after your day...

  7. Nancy Comelab7:23 PM

    One look at these sweets and I am hooked! That looks so very delicious!

    Much love from a fellow BYW'er. :)

  8. oh yum! this should fix any blandness :)


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