October 9, 2010

the inside on the outside....

i love the idea of creating a perfect 'hanging out area'
in the garden - an extention of inside living, on the outside...this is very common in Australia although my garden is a little small to host such a relaxed area....
....maybe in my next house?

we're still house hunting, its a frustration process as the housing market in Sydney is so hot right now - you dont get much for your money and our hopes of finding what we want within our budget is quickly fading!

Top image: Eric Boman
Bottom image: Amy Neunsinger


  1. The idea of a lovely place to relax in the summer sun is so appealing:)
    Good luck with the house hunting this weekend.

  2. i agree with you! living in arizona gives me the opportunity to do something really great outside - we can use it nearly year round! got my start with some new furniture & we put in a new BBQ for the man. lots more to do!

  3. Such gorgeous images. I have been slowly working on the outdoor space in my new house for a few months. It's a great thing to have!

  4. they both look lovely! we have a little balcony...but it's half taken up but the airconditioning unit! ha! your blog is really pretty and it was lovely to stumble across it during blogtoberfest!

  5. That top image is amazing. I wish we had some outside space all of our own! xx

  6. It looks beautiful and very inviting. I'd definitely sit out there with a lovely iced tea. :-)

    House hunting is so hard. We know it well. We used to live in the Eastern Suburbs. I miss it!

  7. I love this idea also, and I really hope that in the next house we will be able to do that. I especially love the top photo! Unfortunately that is still a few years away. We need to finish renovating and then sell our current place.


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