November 30, 2010

At My House
Its seems I've had a bit of blogging break - it wasn't intentional, ive just been so busy with work, home and finishing up some orders ...I'm a little exhausted both physically and mentally.
I also need to clear my craft room - its crazy scary in there... ha-ha

Such a busy time of the year and I cant believe Christmas is just around the corner!! I have a long long list of presents to buy & things to make, I also need to write and send out Christmas cards feeling frazzled,
I just want to relax!

On a happier note - fresh flowers are always lovely in the home
I bought 3 bunches on Saturday and she gave me a bunch for free - it was 10minutes until her closing time but I thought that was lovely of her - such pretty colours don't you think?

have a FABulous Wednesday everyone!!


  1. I love stock, I had them in my garden for a long time. They are so pretty! I dried mine and they are in a basket right now, reminding me of wonderful summer.

  2. They're joyous and such a serendipitous gift.

  3. I could copy&paste your words for my last post... I had the same busy work/home week and hardly written a word.
    Flowers are indeed a nice breeze of fresh air and inspiration!

    Have a great Wednesday and remainder of your week!

  4. I love fresh flowers too. There is a definite need for fresh flowers, relaxation, deep breaths and calm time at this time of year!! I hope you do get some time to relax. Lou.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful, I hope that you had a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. Beautiful flowers! There's nothing like fresh flowers to make your house feel like new again.

  7. i can totally relate - i think everyone needs a bit of a break this time of year!

  8. That was very kind of the store owner:). They look great as one big bunch. I love flowers in the home:)


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