November 25, 2010

Summer Days
Its so hot outside today - another few days and Summer will officially start
but I think its here already!

I love those long Summer days....
After some strange weather this month I'm looking forward to warming up!

...last night after dinner we went for a long evening stroll with the boys - there was still lots of light as we walked around aimlessly
checking out our ever changing neighbourhood.

It was a nice way to stretch the legs and catch up with our boys who are both little chatterboxes!

images by Craig Fordham for UK Country Living


  1. So dreamy, even the cutlery, ahhhh. Happy birthday to your boy, 8's pretty huge!! Love Posie

  2. I'm not looking forward to summer at all! But those photos look lovely, I'm sure I'll enjoy a few breezy summer afternoons, but not the stinking hot days.

  3. Hi gorgeous girl, could you leave another comment for the giveaway blog post please, for some reason i can't upload yours & i'd hate you to miss out!! Thanks me lovely, love Posie

  4. Summer is here indeed!!
    We're having the most wonderful weather the last days here at Adelaide!

    These photos are gorgeous!

  5. Wish it was summer here!

  6. Love those photos....makes me want to picnic!

  7. I look forward to the long days too. The weather here has been so weird as well. And the days go from overcast and rainy to sunny in a few hours.

    One of my fave things is to go for long walks with the family in the early evening. Looking at lights is great too!

  8. love the photos! glad to find your blog , following!

  9. Colour me ten shades of jealous! Winter is definitely in full swing here in Wisconsin. The snow's only been here for a couple weeks and I already hate it. These pictures are lovely and inspiring!


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