December 30, 2010

The House Plant as Decor

Aren't these pictures wonderful?
im really loving the organic feel of fresh plants in the home...a touch of Green always looks beautiful with wood, bare white or neutral walls, stone and natural tiles too!

Grouped together like this as a focal point in the room is very inspiring,
and an easy decor project to update any home!

Top from Lonny magazine
Bottom from Sandra Juto*


  1. I need to bring more plants inside. I have an empty macrame planter hanging in the bedroom and I was given pots for Christmas. Maybe they'll be inside rather than veranda pots.

  2. Hey Kate
    I read in some design mag that hanging plants is so very 'In' right now - i think its got that whole retro 70's feel to it!! my mum always had hanging plants when i was growing up!

  3. I started out last year with one little plant and now I have them all over my house! I love them and the way the house just looks so fresh and alive with plants in every room. Plus, I think it helps the air quality.

  4. Gorgeous! I'm going to do the same. All pots must come inside! Happy New Year for Friday, hope you have something lovely planned!

  5. Green plants are mind-refreshing! But I can' t put more inside for lack of sunshine. Have just 2 pots. You have good picks here, nice!

  6. I found you via Etsy, this idea is just lovely!
    Green is good. I have small group of plants I put in a vase in the corner of my bathroom.


  7. Gorgeous just gorgeous,so simple and yet so elegant.Thanks for the inspiration:)wishing you a happy 2011!may all your dreams come true!
    xoxo Dees

  8. We have massive glass bowls with succulents in them, terrarium style, they look fantastic & grow & entertain the children in school holidays too, triple score!! Love Posie

  9. Really beautiful pictures. I think greenery makes a home feel more refreshed and alive. I need to add a few plants and maybe a vase of flowers in my home.

    Hope your New Year is fantastic!


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