December 29, 2010

Summer sunshine
I hope you ALL had a wonderful Christmas!
if it was anything like mine you're probably sitting uncomfortably with a bloated belly and planning a good body detox! ha-ha
I always overeat but can you blame me? everyone makes such an effort with cooking and baking and there's always yummy treats on offer.

I'm back at work today and the Sun is out
- shining brightly and very proudly!!
the days after Christmas (when we were all home) were wet, cold and very gray...

We planned a Boxing Day picnic, its become a bit of a tradition but the wet weather kept us away so we lounged around at home ...we did manage to venture out to our local beach for a leisurely stroll on the sand - we made it home just before a heavy storm it was all good!!

the office is quiet with many people on leave so its great to be able to get things done without many distractions...

*image Janis Nicolay for Country Living - happy yellow pineapple cooler - SO refreshing*


  1. Yes, the rain here in Queensland has canceled all of our outside plans. We tried a beach walk in the drizzle today - it wasn't very fun. Fingers crossed the sun comes out soon. I would love to be sitting in our back yard with a drink like this in my hand!

  2. The Christmas weather is always cool & beautiful.... so what if it gives a little surprize as well!
    Seems you enjoyed a lot! have fun!


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