June 30, 2010

June Giveway winner
I cant believe June is over already!
Congratulations to Christina for being my June Giveaway winner!
Yayy Christina! I'll be in touch soon.
Did you ever do handstands against the wall?
...i used to! ...long long time ago!
*image by Steven Meisel for USA Vogue*

June 29, 2010

Much Love Monday
Im a day late for my post but this is what im loving right now
*Mad Men season 3 - my DVD set is giving me lots of viewing pleasure.
*Meatloaf - the food, not the singer.
*pretty heart necklace (bottom pic) by Jess LC that I won over at Viv's blog - how lucky am I?
*fresh pile of magazines - winter, hot tea and magazines = bliss!
for more Much Love Monday posts, head on over to Anna's FAB blog!
*images by me!
top tag part of a set available in my shop

June 27, 2010

Happy Monday everyone!!

so why not try a new hair style this week?
Pin curl love....
smooth and shiny
feminine and flirty curls!!
you might want to set aside some time to give this a go - why not? you deserve a bit of self pampering!!
or check out the lovely tutorial over at Super Kawaii Mamma (home page) - she makes it look so simple!

beautiful Marilyn Monroe images photographed by Andre de Dienes

At My House: My 1, 3 , 4 Cake....
So where is Step 2 you ask?
actually there is only 1 step, and that is to put ALL the ingrediants into a blender and blitz up!
the 1,3, 4 cake is my way of remembering the ingrediants
1 cup caster sugar
1 cup fresh orange juice
1 cup sunflower oil
1 Tablespoon baking powser
rind of 1 orange
3 cups sifted Self Raising flour
4 eggs
1 step - blitz up
and then bake for 1hour in moderate oven
serve warm - delicious!!
(optional: instead of the orange juice you can use 1 cup vanilla/ plain yoghurt
or 1 cup milk, then skip the rind and add 1 tablespoon vanilla esscense)
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June 24, 2010

List making

Are you a list maker?
I am!
Life shouldnt be all about making lists but I quite enjoy it wether its a simple 'To do' list for the day or excitement preparing for a trip, i like to jot down what I plan to take, wear, what needs to be dealt with at home before we head off and what we'll do when we get there.
I also do lists of books to read, websites to visit, dreams to achieve and of course boring weekly shopping lists ....its always a great feeling when you can tick off against your list.
Knowing you've completed or achieved something is the best thing about list making!

i spotted this book about Lists on a design blog and it featured this amazing list by Harry Bertoia - its so beautiful dont you think? (click to see in detail)

Harry Bertoia “May-Self Rating Chart” School Assignment
1 p. excerpted, handwritten

Sculptor and designer Harry Bertoia (1915–1978) was just fifteen years old when he moved from Italy to the United States to live with his brother, Oreste. Two years later, struggling to assimilate as a student at the Elizabeth Cleveland Intermediate High School in Detroit, he made this list of personal attributes as part of an illustrated booklet titled My Career.
Though Bertoia is hard on himself — only scoring “excellent” in health, neatness, and accuracy — in My Career he states his claim to be an artist.

June 22, 2010

Light filled spaces....

more light bright and airy rooms...

ive spent the past hour looking at property sites, not much on Sale that is tickling my fancy....
im itching to make a new house our home!

Top image: Debi Treloar
Middle image - House Beautiful USA
Bottom image - Country Style Australia

June 20, 2010

Much Love Monday.......

This week im loving
*Winter sunshine - yayy!!
*Traditional Italian cakes - Canolli & Custard doughnuts yummy yum yum!!
*Snuggling Up - cold weather means you'll find us snuggling on the couch every evening watching 'Masterchef'
*Revitalisation - im feeling quite re-energised today, have no idea why or if its the moon or stars doing kooky things but im feeling great!

happy Monday everyone!
fore more 'Much Love Monday'
posts, head on over to Anna's lovely blog

Top image: Debi Treloar
Bottom image:
Such Pretty things on Flickr

June 18, 2010

At My House
This week i finalised a wedding order for a lovely Perth bride - 80 handcut birdies napkin holders for her wedding dinner.... all finished, packed and sent out...

I also made this groovy retro gift tag set ' all measured up' loved the vintage paper with cute measurements, i just had to make something out of it! its in my shop now!

Tonight im going to the
Sydney Etsy Party - im a wee bit nervous as i dont really know anyone, well only virtually on Twitter but it should be a lovely get together!
there are Etsy parties happening worldwide so look out for one in your area!

and look what the lovely Allison sent me? some delicious cinammon cookies from Janey Bee all the way from Daylesford...i had some yesterday afternoon with my tea - so good!!! thanks Allison, such a kind gesture!!
have a beautiful Friday everyone
and for more 'At my house' posts
check out Lou's awesome blog!

June 17, 2010

Walk on by....
had a thought recently that I just dont walk enough anymore. It seems like i zip around town in my little car way too much!
am I being lazy?
or am i trying to keep up with this crazy busy life...
anywhere is walking distance, if you have the time!
Walking clears the mind or gives you the time to think, can help us be more patient, observant and appreciative of our surroundings...
when was the last time you walked in the rain? what a great feeling that can be....
Ive got to get walking again!

Illustration by me
fashion spread photographed by Chris Craymer
and 'Walk on by' sung by Dionne Warwick (love it!)

June 15, 2010

Colour Combination: Pale Blues, White and a touch of Black

when im crafting Im always on the lookout for
new colour inspiration....
what colour combinations
are you currently enjoying??

Top image by Olivia Graham
Bottom flickr mosaic - details here

June 14, 2010

Much Love Mondays
currently loving
*vintage hankies - found a few at the local Salvation army...so pretty (clean of course) i hope to incorporate them into my papercraft somehow...
*FIFA WorldCup Fever - exciting!! although the Socceroos lost this morning...Ughh!
* warm Rice pudding - its cold so Im craving comfort desserts (naughty)
* Oxford heels - found a cheap gray pair at Barkin, perfect for Winter!
For more Much Love Monday
posts head on over to
*image and sweet heart by

June 10, 2010

Style Icons: The European Blonde
Do blondes really have more fun?
i have no idea and dont really plan to find out as im content with my dark locks,
but i do love these vintage European blondes they were uber cool in their hey day...

German singer Nico in her Paris apartment - very cool!

and swedish Britt Eckland with her cute turned up nose ...
and sultry Bond girl Ursula Andress....whose your favourite European blond?

June 8, 2010

Decorating with maps

i love the look of maps and globes in the home...aged vintage maps look beautiful framed in a formal setting
or old school maps in pretty pastel shades hanging casually in a family room would look amazing dont you think?!
I also love bright maps in a kids room - they are educational too....
a great way to stir up that Wanderlust

Top Image, Domino magazine (no longer published)
Next two, Bhg.com

June 7, 2010

At My House

Yesterday I was home with my eldest boy, Peter who wasnt feeling well enough for school....so off to the doctor we went, after that
we got to spend the day together at home which was nice!

I love one-on-one time with my boys and it was great to be able to pamper him and give him lots of attention.
i was a meanie mum though as I didnt let him play any DS or computer games so he was happy to read and draw and he even made his own Pokemon magazine which made me smile as I used to make my own little books as a kid too...
I made some chicken soup which went down well and then he dozed off reading a book in bed....

for more 'At My House' posts of if you want to play along check out Lou's lovely blog!

Much Love Monday.....
current Loves....
*people watching
*chocolate brown nailpolish
*Hot tea with honey (always tea!)
*Chicken soup
*Opaque tights
for more 'Much Love Monday' posts head on over to
Top: via here
Bottom: via Bianks on Flickr

June 4, 2010

Oui Oui Paris!

Its late and im still awake...we had dinner with family that arrived from interstate for the wedding tommorow so just got back home and i still have so much to do!
At least the rain has stopped, lets hope it stays away!

its going to be a busy weekend for me so I'll leave you with
some lovely Parisian fashion images!

Hugs+kisses Anastasia

*All images found on google images*

June 1, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday (its Thursday - i know!! Just running late...)
Forest Friends

May 2010 Winner

Congrats to Michelle of
who is my May 2010 Giveaway winner!
I will be sending a copy of 'Paris Made by Hand' book
as well as some papergoodies from me!!
Thanks to everyone who is a follower -next Giveaway will be the end of June!!
*corner of my desk*
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