July 27, 2010

a dark mood....
this my friends, is how to wear a Vintage dress!!
dont you just love it?!... well ok, im not 100% sure its vintage,
but the cut & look reminds me of styles my mother used to wear in the late 70's /early 80's...
i love how Teen Vogue Fashion editor, Jane Keltner is wearing it cinched in and lean boots & long sleeve tee...simple elegance!

I absolutely love these striking
'Love languages typography' Prints
by Jennifer Ramos
Love is universal.....

Im feeling drawn to dark rooms right now! a mix of strong neutrals creates a lot of punch and drama...
not sure if I would dare go black on my walls
but this interior image by Moris Moreno sure is beautiful!

July 23, 2010

A girl called Ivy....

Im so happy you stopped by because today I want you all to meet Ivy!
Ivy is a talented photographer, an interior decorator with an amazing sense of style and beauty
but most of all she totally inspires me with her passion for Life and Love!

So lets meet the girl behind the lens....

What is currently inspiring you?
Travelling!....ever since I relocated in Germany, travelling to European cities has become quite easier, approachable and affordable. Whichever place we visit, I return full of inspiration, after having completely dived in to the local culture and beauty.
Wether a magical Greek island or one of the gorgeous villages in Mallorca, incredible, seducing Paris and full of design and art, Amstedam or romantic Strassbourg, there 's always a new light to see things, everyday life, interior design and of course photography.
Nature, natural light and the simplest things of everday life also inspire me a lot.

Name 3 things you cant live without?
Allow me to answer this in a slightly altered manner...I'm very, very grateful to be living in a peaceful place of the world, where there is enough food and all the neccesities for everyday life.

Can you describe to us your Personal style?
Well, I sure hope I can.
I love simplicity, white and natural tones. I sometimes appreciate a delicate touch of luxury in a rather understated way. Concerning places to inhabit, I mostly choose by the natural light they offer and the rest of criteria follow, like size, neighbourhood e.t.c. The nicest of interior planning will have a poor outcome in a badly lit place.
I do love interiors and outfits that mostly follow the "less is more" attitude and I absolutely love to see the personalities of people shining though their dwellings and choices, even when they are the simplest ones.
Not much is needed and am holding the belief that the better we know ourselves, the more harmonious are our environments, realtionships and even way of dressing.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your teenage self?
I'd tell me to trust my heart, to follow my dreams and insticts and devote my life into exercising the things I love the most.

As you know I love to be inspired by colour, can you tell us your Favorite colour combinations?
As already mentioned I love white and natural tones.
Shades of light blue and aqua blue/turquoise are also very dear to me, as are dusty pinks combined with golden tones.
Light greys, beiges, and the fresh green of plants are also among my favorites.

What do you love about your city?
What I love about this city we are currently living in is the location of our little Penthouse and our home itself, eventhough it is a rental.
I also love that in just 100m from our door step, we can find ourselves in a beautiful, big park, situated along the river.
I love all the life it includes....ducks , rabbits.....birds, beautiful flowers, huge trees, little children playing, open air festivals during summer, such as music concerts or oldtimer car gatherings.
The area consists of beautiful old villas ( Opel Villen district), built just opposite the park among lots of trees and greenery. In addition, there's a wonderful castle, as much as an updated art gallery, also offering a cafe and a restaurant. What's most important, all that in a low profile neighbourhood, also hosting the factory of Opel cars and the companie's offices. Totally multicoloured!

Do you have a Favourtie quote you'd like to share with us?
There are quite a few, but as much as I tried to pick one I could not.
I find myself to be inspired by all the psychology and philosophy I've been reading, as much by the personalities of well or less known people....but at the end of the day, it's my personal truth that matters....and I can only pronounce one word, with tremendous importance: LOVE....for life, for people, for animals, for our passions, for discovering the mysteries of existence.

Thanks so much Ivy, for coming by today and sharing some of your thoughts! big hugs from me to you!!

all these beautiful images were taken by Ivy and you can see more of her lovely work over at her
*Etsy Shop

July 20, 2010

the hanging dress....
a simple way to spruce
up your walls
(or for when you're feeling lazy about putting away the party dress from the night before)

from top: Steven Randazzo for Country Living
Debi Treloar
bottom - not sure - found via google images

July 18, 2010

Colour Combination: Buff + Turquoise
From fashion page to fashion tags...

im in a creative slump right now, i havnt had much time to sit and play with paper recently but I did find inspiration in this lovely image from the latest FRANKIE magazine - fantastic colour combination in this cute outfit!

what colours are you loving right now?

Top image by Amanda Austin for FRANKIE magazine

July 14, 2010

Happy Bastille Day
on Bastille day its nice to dream all things French...
im loving these images from Tom Palumbo - you HAVE to check out his Paris 1962 set fantastic!!
smoky bistros, chic people, wine wine and more wine....

July 13, 2010

Cook and Look
...so on Saturday i went shopping for a new blazer and came home with a cookbook.
well it was on sale
and way too cute to pass up.

'She's Leaving Home' by Jazz singer and shop owner Monica Trapaga and illustrated (adorable!!!) by Meredith Gaston
its a lovely cookbook with lots of family recipes, comfort food and lots of heart, cant wait to test some of the recipes!

aren't these illustrations super!!??

July 12, 2010

Much love Monday

feeling the love today (not!!)
Im having a shitty day at work but hey lets not get into that....
lets focus on some lovely things

*school holidays means no traffic! yayyy! a smooth ride with no traffic stress
*my morning cappucino - every girl needs a talented & reliable barista in her life!!
*food and family - yesterday we celebrated my hubby's 40th with a family BBQ - a happy day!
*cuddles from my boys - at the end of the day this is what matters the most so I will not let a crappy day ruin my week!

have a FAB start to your week!!

for more Much Love posts
head on over to Anna's blog

image from WeheartIt

July 9, 2010

A girl called Jacquie....
i was thrilled to have been the lucky winner of Jacquie's amazing giveway
i won 5 gorgeous accessory pieces, yes 5!!!
they are all so so pretty
that I just had to do a special post all about Jacquie.
She's a girl you'll want to know more about.... so I asked her a few questions.

* What is currently inspiring you?
I work in a little nook/studio
which I have decorated with pretty pictures, lovely fabrics, loads of
colour and patterns and work from many of my favourite artists. Being
surrounded by beautiful work from people who I admire definitely
inspires me and helps get my creative juices flowing.

* What are you currently reading?
Yesterday I finished reading "The
Memory Keeper's Daughter" - a really engrossing read. I'm just about
to start "In Human" by Anna Dusk which is a horror book set in

* Name 3 things you couldnt live without right now?
The first things that came to mind were tea, gin and tonic and chocolate! Food and
drink aside, I'd say my pretty little nook/studio, my music collection
and my family.

* Favourite colour (or colour combinations)?
I love to wear most
shades of green and browns but I love to be surrounded by lots of
pretty colours. I'm also loving kitschy vintage patterns of

* Favourite foods to eat?
I love Indian and Mexican food (vegetarian)

* What do you love about your City?
Hobart, Tasmania: I love the fact
that everything is so close - we have the beach, rainforest and
mountains all within close driving distance. It's such a beautiful
picturesque city. We have a fantastic art/cultural/music scene and
nice little restaurants and cafes. People are so down to earth and

* Why should people buy handmade?
It encourages the appreciation of
unique quality goods, supports creative individuals directly and helps
avoid environmental damage due to mass production. Buying something
that has been individually handcrafted by an individual is worth so
much more than something bought by thousands of others and which was
made in a factory.

* Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us?
"When life hands you lemons make a gin and tonic."

Jacquie's Etsy shop Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree
Facebook fan page
and Blog
...go say hello!!

*top image by Jacquie
other images taken by me - the wonderful pieces that I won!!!

July 7, 2010

Beautiful Growth....
ive been busy at home and super busy at work...my poor little blog has been totally neglected!
ive got some lovely mail that I need to share, an update on our kitchen, some new shoes to show you ( gotta love a sale!)
and a new blog series that Im planning....stay tuned!
for now
here are some images of
beautiful growth - wild and unruly beauty

Arthur Elgort
Debi Treloar

July 4, 2010

At My House
Sparkle in the house....

Last week whilst dusting, the sunlight was streaming through my lead light door and reflecting on the tiny crystal ornament that i have hanging from the knob - the moment was too pretty no to photograph
out came the camera...click click
a few days after that i went in search for more Sparkle in the House.
Im not a blingy type of girl but I did find some things in my bedroom....

a vintage plate with my silver bangles
and more 'special occassion' accessories that are usually hidden in a draw.
and a teeny silver Icon of St George...a little gift from my Aunt many many years ago.
Ive always kept him in my room, not sure why but I like him there...
For more 'At Home Posts' head on over to Lou's blog

July 1, 2010

A Stitch in TIME

When I first started blogging i joined in lots of swaps, it was a good way for me to get to meet other crafters and bloggers and a chance to create and in return receive some happy mail!
I spotted Beth's Stitched Postcard swap over on Cath's blog
i knew I had to join in...it was simple, create a Postcard with 'Time' theme, that includes some stitching.

I found an old vintage page in my pile of papers...'The Tea Shop'
and instantly thought of making time in the day for some Tea so went with that....i also added some Ipswich bus tickets and an Australian stamp and I cut out a floral paper teacup and added random hand stitching and machine stitching! ...wonky but cute!
Its on its way to Lori in the USA - hope she likes it!

if anyone knows of any good swaps going on, do let me know....

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