January 17, 2011

White rooms
My sister and I were chatting the other day about the colour white in the home.
I always found white to be too stark, too modern...clinical almost
but lately im leaning towards all shades white and feeling this to be the perfect colour base
for any room.

Teamed with height in tall ceilings, large windows to let in all that beautiful nautral light
and colourful accents - be it bright, eccentric or sublte and traditional,
you just cant go wrong.

Gorgeous rooms -see more of Christina D'Ornano's elegant London Townhouse photographed by Simon Upton for Elle Decor


  1. I'm a real fan of different shades of white on walls. But I love the pops of colour. It looks so clean and modern.

  2. I love white too ... I used to find it too 'cold', but now I can see so much beauty in it and the advantage of adding colour with accessories.

  3. White is back drop perfection, but i think i'd rather cool very pale blue. So easy to change the stark with some colour & texture details, love Posie

  4. What lovely spaces!

    All my rooms are painted with color … and you've given me food for creative thought!

  5. Boy, I have to same feelings about white. For so long, I thought it too clinical. But, We are now painting all of the house white and use fun items for color.


  6. Anonymous1:49 PM

    I love those pictures, they really highlight the fact that white is not stark or cold. I LOVE the table in the first picture. Exactly the kind of table I am looking for...

    (NeverEverEmma posting from my new blog!)

  7. I've been thinking lately what kind of colour to paint our new extension area. The rest of the house is Dulux Antique White USA except our bedroom which is a warm grey/mushroom colour. I'm thinking of having a warmer white for the new lounge/kitchen as we are north facing and will have so much light coming in. Not sure what to do!! Food for thought though :)


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