April 24, 2011

Easter 2011
Happy Easter!
no spare time this past week led to a little blogging break - its been busy with Easter prepartions and I try to keep up with the customs and traditions that were special to me growing up...here are some of my favourites.
Traditional Flaounes (Cheese pies) - these take such a long time to prepare and bake but 'oh so worth it'.
My husbands Uncle owns a Greek cake shop and they make hundreds of these every Easter for their shop along with all the custom orders they receive
but for me there is nothing like the rustic look and delicious taste of home-made pies...

Dying Eggs - the Greek tradition is to dye them deep red (signifies Christ's blood) but this year I experimented with purple and yellow - i used half of the dye only and added more water and vinegar -I loved the splotchy lilac purple shade, the yellow not so much...

Royal Easter Show - we go every year...im worse than a kid! i love everything about the show...the animals, arts & crafts, fun rides, the greasy fair food!

Easter feast - Easter Sunday is all about family and food! im still digesting lunch...normally Greeks will fast for 40 days leading upto Easter but i just cut out meat for the week before.

My lovely Sister in law Freda hosted Easter lunch this year, a slow leisurely lunch that lasted for 5 hours....

so year after year i hope some of these traditions that i love, become family favourites for my boys too!


  1. Those look so delicious!!

    Happy Easter!

  2. I always, always look forward to your Easter posts. Your uncle has a cake shop? No kiddin'. How do you manage to stay so trim? You'll have to share details of where it is so we can all indulge in these gorgeous homebaked goodies.

  3. Those pies looks divine! And the Easter Show is always so much fun. Happy Easter AC xx

  4. oh wow, these look soooo yummy..hope your week is awesome!

    enjoy *~*

  5. Those cheese pies look amazing!! will you be sharing the recipe? (hint hint :D )

  6. thanks everyone!!
    Kate - the shop is called 'Trianon Cake shop' on Homer St in Earlwood - i should really do a blog post on the shop someday, that might be fun!
    Stephanie - its a long process but i found a recipe here http://www.howaboutsomegreektonight.com/flaounes.php
    as my mum never really follows a recipe haha...


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