May 1, 2011

Simple Elegance...
there really is no excuse not to set up a pretty table setting be it for lunch, dinner or even a little afternoon treat for one ( why not? you deserve it)
- how simple is this setting?
so very beautiful!

after days of rain the sun is out shining today!
My boys were awake at 6.00am way too early for a Sunday...and they were being way too loud for a Sunday! we all got up and headed down to Rozelle Flea Markets with a stop at
Adriano Zumbo cafe for coffee and pastries. There was a long line but worth the wait! yummy!

top image from DreamyWhites


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just love yours. It's so refreshing to look at! Can't wait to read through it : )

  2. i'm in love with your blog!!!
    this post was so simple.. yet made me feel inspired.
    enjoying simple things in life.. that's my motto, sometimes i forget it. thanks for reminding me!

    following your blog now, found you on the Etsy Blog Team

    kristanlynn @ adelynSTONE

  3. Love the the colours,particularly on that skirt. My favorites!


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