February 28, 2011

Vintage Style Icon: Elizabeth Taylor

...and a little Happy Birthday shout out to Elizabeth Taylor who turned 79 yesterday - i recently read that she is still in hospital and so since today is all about the Oscars, Movies and Hollywood my post is a little tribute to beautiful Elizabeth who is a winner of two Academy Awards herself!

She's definetely one of my vintage style icons with violet eyes that brightend up any screen.

I hope you enjoyed the Oscars! i taped it so I can go back and look at all the gowns again ..some beautiful looks this year and a huge congratulations to Colin Firth (swoon swoon) so deserving!

* all vintage images from google images *

February 25, 2011

Love * Heart

So amongst the crazy busy days ive been having lately I found some time to join Tara's Love swap.
This is the card I made for the lovely Danielle who lives in The Netherlands...
so a little heart of Love is headed her way.

i think the card turned out sweet, i might make some similar designs
for my 'oh-so-neglected' shop

February 22, 2011

Colour Inspiration: Purple + Storm
Colour rocks my world
and Im just love these two hues together!

The bottom image i had clipped out of Vogue because it was just SO pretty - the styling, the clothes - love it!
Its what my hubby would call 'Grandma clothes' and what I correct him with 'Nanna Chic', can you believe that pretty model is Elvis' (The King) Grand-daughter Riley?
hasnt she grown up??

Both images are styled so differently - one brighter hues of the shades and the other dark and deep.
They convey such a differnet look and feel...the top girl looks a little Victorian in her pretty dress
and it was shot by Scott Schuman whilst in London recently - someone commented on his blog ...'who is this girl and where is she going?'....it does make you wonder? a great capture!
Love them both!

top image photographed
shot by Scott Schuman, 'The Sartorialist' and bottom image
photographed by Norman Jean Roy for USA Vogue

February 20, 2011

A girl called Leanne...
what I love about this whole blogging community is coming across woman who dream BIG and then work really hard using all their creative talent, drive and deep passion into making their dream a reality.
Leanne is one of those girls!
we even got a chance to meet at a Sydney blog gathering last year - she's truly inspiring!!
Leanne specialises in Dessert and Candy Buffet styling and makes any wedding or party look chic and simply delicious!

So welcome Leanne, can you tell us
what is currently inspiring you?
All the amazing bloggers out there - I can't believe the number of
incredibly inspiring and creative people who I seem to find on a daily
basis. I am incredibly inspired by Leslie Shewring
from A Creative Mint
and so many other amazing photographers who have an eye to capture the little details.

Name 3 things you couldnt live without right now?
My camera, my Macbook (which needs to have the internet!) and my dreams (and my family of course)

Can you define to us, your personal style?
I definitely would describe my style as modern, clean and simple - occasionally I will deviate from this but I love whites and neutrals
as a base, simple clean lines and a clutter free space.

Do you have a favourite colour or colour combinations?
I am a pink girl - always have been and always will be - I wear it a
lot, decorate with it a lot and I am drawn to it in everything I do
(lucky I have three girls!!)

What is your favourite Smell or frangrance?
I love the smell of sweet flowers like gardenia, rose, freesia and
frangipanis so with fragrance I find I like a perfume that includes one of these - they remind me of spring and summer

What do you love about your City?
Sydney is such a beautiful and picturesque city. I love that we are
close to the water, the beaches, the bush but there is still the buzz of a big city. While Sydney is the biggest city in Australia to me it is not a city that feels jam packed and overcrowded. The lifestyle in Sydney is pretty wonderful as we have great weather, great food and
laid back living.

Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us?
My current favourite is - "Comparison is the enemy of creativity"

Thanks so much Leanne and for you to stay in touch with Leanne and see more of her beautiful work or to book a dessert table for your next function,
head on over to her gorgeous blog
and also her new website which should be going live in a week or two!

February 16, 2011

Etsy picks of the week: Think Pink!
Hope you're all having a fantastic week!
my blogging time has been limited so Im looking forward to being able to blog more often soon - here are my Etsy picks of the week!
hope you like them!

Top image by Arthur Elgort * Original Hand Drawn Illustration 'Thinking Forward'
by Michele Maule *
Bird on a Branch Giclee Print by OneLittleBirdStudio *
One of a kind Pink Druzy ring by Christine Mighion

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day
my beautiful blogger friends...

Lets all celebrate a week of Love
and let our hearts be filled with the good stuff!
*illustration by Andy Virgil for Good Housekeeping magazine March 1955

February 10, 2011

Style Idea: The $3 wardrobe update

Inspired by this Accessory report post over at Who What Wear,
grab a thick silky black ribbon ( or thick velvet ribbon for those cooler months)
tie around your hips, middle or even under your ribcage for a slimming effect and
a quick and easy update to your outfit!!

*illustration by me

February 6, 2011

Hot in the city....
Wow what a week!!
The Sydney heat wave has been the talk of the town but finally (yes!!!) this afternoon we had a a cool change came our way...

all i can say is ...Pure BLISS!!!
Whats a girl to do in such extreme heat?
the boys were running around in their underpants most of the weekend - we've all been hot and bothered and on top of that ive had a really sore wrist the past few days...
(boohoo to me)
its really scary as im not used to pain let alone constant pain!!!
and to make it worse its my right wrist so being right handed I cant do too much
- anyone want to help with my ironing pile?

I crafted a little this morning - I havnt done anything in days ...Im taking it easy but I have a couple of orders to finish and Im involved in some fun projects coming up so Im trying to get everything ready and organised.
This year I need to focus more - i get SO distracted ...is it just me???
and now hopefully with some cooler Summer weather it will be much easier!

February 2, 2011

Inspiration: a country Summer
oh im feeling the heat today...its been unbeleivably hot & humid in Sydney the past two days that somehow i
wish we had stayed up north a little longer enjoying our beach walks
and days of swimming and lounging around aimlessly.

We had a lovely break,
but i must admit I always get back home feeling even more exhausted.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone can unpack your bags and do the piles of laundry , grocery shopping and restocking the fridge...planning and then cooking dinner.
Yes! that would be nice...

The boys started back at school yesterday and I felt a little sorry for them as there was no outside play due to the extreme heat - today will just be the same so ive just cut up some pineapple and am freezing it ready for their afternoon treat.

Today this beautiful image by
Marcel Van Driel
is inspiring me ....it just smells of a Country Summer...
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