May 16, 2012

A girl called Tania
Im really excited to post about another Creative girl -  id love for you all to meet Tania!
Tania is the designer behind 'TDesign' and from her Sydney studio she creates beautiful jewelrey in a lovely palette of delicious colours - chic neutrals, fun brights or soft pastels! Each piece is lovingly handmade by Tania and has a feeling of calm that can be dressed up or down - subtle elegance, very urban!
very hip!
Tania is also a graphic designer and has a gorgeous range of screen printed cards for her shop.

Welcome Tania!
Can you tell us what is currently inspiring you? I love discovering new designers and little shops that I admire. Since I have only recently started my business, it's great to find other people who have undergone a similar journey.
Seeing how they have grown and succeeded is very inspiring.
 Name 3 things you could not live without right now? I couldn’t live without my gorgeous boyfriend, my lovely cat Rubi (she’s like a soft hot water bottle!) and my computer, it has EVERYTHING on it!

Can you define to us your personal style? I think I have quite an eclectic style as I seem to a whole range of things and styles. I love simple and clean design with splashes of colour. My little apartment is full of all kinds of bits and pieces from markets, overseas and ‘treasures’ that I find along the road.
One of my favorite pieces is this gorgeous old wooden chair that’s been painted bright turquoise – unique and beautiful!
Do you have a Favourite Smell/Frangrance? It’s not a fragrance but I have always loved the smell of burning wood, am not too sure reminds me of home when I’m overseas…the smell of bushfires maybe?

Do you have a favourite colour? Tough one...i really love blues and greens but also neutrals like creams, grey, white and black...I don't know, I think I like most colours!

What do you love about your City? I absolutely love Sydney. I have been living here most of my life and have been lucky enough to live in quite a few different suburbs, from the green and relaxed Northern Beaches to café filled Potts Point, 5mins from the CBD. Although I was born in Milan and still love Europe, the thing that I love most about Sydney are the gorgeous parks and beautiful wide open spaces. I also love that there is so much delicious food from all around the world! I’m such a foodie at heart.

 and lastly do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us? “A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere” - Joyce A. Myers

Wow! great quote - thanks for sharing your answers with us Tania!  it was great to get to know you a bit more!
To see more of Tania's work head on over to her SHOP and
to her BLOG and you can also find TDesign on Facebook so head on over to check it all out!


  1. Nice share. Will go and check this out.

  2. Thanks for introducing us to Tania - what lovely jewellery!!

  3. What a lovely store, I am particularly liking the screen printed cards!

  4. Oh her cards are beautiful. I like her style. The necklaces are so pretty. So simple but beautiful.

  5. What lovely and simple designs! It reminds us we don't have to be all glitter and gold to make a statement. :)

  6. Love the soft colors of the necklaces!

    Etsy Blog Team

  7. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Thank you for all your lovely comments everyone and a huge thank you to you Anastasia for featuring me on your beautiful blog! xx

  8. great interview and gorgeous jewellery!

  9. Pretty yellow earrings, nice post:)

    Also, thanks for introducing me the Red Velvet Shop. I just took a workshop on making journals for field illustrations from an anthropologist at the college I work at, it was SO fun.

  10. wow such beautiful jewellery! Loving the soft pastel colours.

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments


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