May 21, 2012

Happy Monday!
Wishing you a wonderful day and great start to your week!
Ive started exercising again and I must say how pleased I am with myself.
My alarm is set for 6am.
Ive got my joggers right near my bed and my workout DVD ready to go - its a very early start and I do love my morning sleep but today is day 5 and its getting much easier to wake up...I have been checking in at night at a much more reasonable time, so that helps too, but im starting to feel more alert with loads more energy!
I can even say i'm (almost) 'a morning person' now .... yep! Im very pleased indeed!

*image by Jamie 


  1. I'm starting my workout vid's today! I'm excited to start. Except I don't know about waking up at 6am lol. That may take me a while.

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Found you through bloghop and all i can say is WOW! lifestyle blogs are seriously underrated so kudos to you :D new follower! x

  3. I just started going to the gym - like u - it's feeling a bit 'easier' now, before I was practically crawling out of the gym in muscle shock .. how I have more energy. Congrats on ur commitment .. yeaaaaahhh!

  4. Oh AC, well done on getting up so early to exercise! I have to admit that it's probably easier to exercise in the morning than later in the day, but I don't think I could get up that early, LOL.


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