August 3, 2012

Out and About in Sydney
Last Sunday we went down to The Rocks for the Aroma festival 2012.  We try to go every year as its always a great day out!
We were lucky to wake up to a sunny Winter's day in Sydney! a gorgeous day!
We met up with my sister and her family and walked around taste testing delicious coffee - Australians sure love a good cup of quality coffee but there was also teas, spices and chocolate treats.
It was such a great turnout - people everywhere!!
My smiley niece Stephanie (above) absolutely hates having her photo taken, I dont know why  - she's gorgeous!  the only way i can take it is if I have my camera ready and then call her name...and quickly snap! ha! gotcha!
Lots of cute dogs everywhere....
Chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries - these were for the adults enjoyed hot Churros and chocolate dipping sauce - yum!
and more cute dogs!  Charlie the black Puli demanded attention, he must have gotten photographed by hundreds of people that day!
it was crazy busy - this girl on her bike was chit-chatting away on her phone, oblivious to all the people  taking her photo, I joined in of course!
after a few hours and many calories consumed we headed on back to our car .....and back home we went!


  1. Hello! Popping over from the have such a great reporter-style of blogging!

    Your delicious winters day here looks lovely. We here in the Pacific Northwest are also lucky enough to have good coffee houses and multi-ethnic flavours at every turn!

    Are Australians as obsessed with the food truck as Canadians are? Gourmet on the go!

  2. Makes me feel homesick. I love how you noticed all of the photo subjects, such a great angle!

  3. Churros - yumm, yumm:). Looks like a fabulous way to spend a day.


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