October 16, 2012

Blogtoberfest - Day 16
Decor inspiration: Fresh Greens at Home

Almost half way into Blogtoberfest...its actually going fast and there's inspiration everywhere right? so Im not feeling stagnant yet -  ha!

Tonight I wanted to share some beautiful interiors that feature fresh green plants - I love having fresh flowers in the home and currently its been orchids from my garden - so exotic and very beautiful!! ... when it comes to green plants I have a few in my kitchen in teeny tiny pots and another small one in the family room.  They love the sun and light that comes in through the windows and so far so good - I haven't killed any!   
I also love that they are quite low maintenance so no talking, singing or praising needed...(or is that for growing vegetables??)

What are you favorite indoor plants?  Id love to know..... 

*Delicate plant and lace curtains decorate a window sill - image via Caro Chase
*Shelves of plants teamed with  odds & ends image via
*a large bulb vase with some spectacular tropical green stems - stricking!  image via
Joe Schmelzer 

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  1. Thanks for reminding me about the green. I still don't have any can you believe it! I love the middle image! I must say, I'm impressed with your schedule!


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