October 15, 2012

Embellish Color Trends Challenge
I adore Tina's blog, Travelingmama - not only does Tina share wonderful snippets of her family life and travels, she creates beautiful cards and journal layouts too!
I love her style!
I wanted to take part in the 'Embellish challenge' that Tina hosts on her blog.

Here are the colours for the challenge  - Green, Gray, Brown and Black.

and here is the card I created using this as inspiration  - the 'Paint' I used was a few splatters of brown (made with strong espresso coffee...)
I wanted it simple and not too fussy and I wanted to showcase the 'found' photo of the lovebirds....
You can see the close up of the photo below.

How do you feel about found  photos? Do you like to buy (or as I say, rescue....) them at flea markets...
Do you get sad that families have had their beloved photos abandoned?

Looking at this photo I wonder if its her father, brother or lover?? its very hard to tell....there's even another girl in the background? a love triangle perhaps?
who knows?


  1. I love old photos and imagining the stories behind them. I do wonder why they're abandoned though..

  2. It's fun to look at abandoned old photos and wonder what the story was...sad for the people who have lost the memories, nothing to look back on.

  3. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Interesting post. One of the tutors in my
    Photography class collects old 'lost' or 'abandoned' photos. He showed us some amazing pictures. He has also curated exhibitions of these old
    Photographs. I think in some way these photos are even
    more interesting, as it's easy to get lost in a story as you'd imagine it to be.

    The card is lovely btw!

    Lana x

  4. Ooooh, what an intriguing picture! I do get a little sad when I think about somebody selling or donating their family pictures.

  5. This is just gorgeous! Love that zigzag tape!

  6. I love it! This is really beautiful.


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