October 9, 2012

Colour Inspiration:
Gray +  Coral + (cool) Beige 
I love getting colour inspiration from beautiful vintage images and using them to bring colours together in my greeting cards.

I had a crazy busy morning and I was bummed to get a parking fine outside the post office...ughh, it was my own fault I guess, but still...it turned out to be an expensive day!

Anyway, after a hectic day, it was nice to sit and craft a little this afternoon ...hope you like the 'Beach Girl' card I made ...

*Top image -  Vogue 1954 via Pinterest
Middle - gathering craft papers and Bottom - Beach Girl Greeting card in my shop now


  1. How beautiful is Vogue's photo?
    It could just as well be taken today.
    Your card is lovely. Great colors, consistent with the photo, and I also love the lace in the background.

  2. beautiful, love the colours :)

  3. Great colours Anastasia! I also love the green dash in the first picture - such a cool photo! I did never like that red spiral paper that much and it has been sitting in my paper drawer for a long time but I love how you used it and will give it another chance! Looks cool with the vintage clipping and the White bit on top!!1

  4. Love the card Anastasia! Bummer about the parking ticket:((( That's the one thing I don't miss about Sydney. Here in Auckland they are a tiny $12 can you believe it? M x

  5. The card is wonderful Anastasia, you're so creative. Are you still thinking of having a stand at a market? I think your cards would be a winner!) I'm with Mel, bummer about the parking ticket. Catherine x


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